Spirituality is an Attitude

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This comes from a soon to be released publication of William LePar's lectures titled Return to Eden. It will be published in October. I thought that this particular portion of the book would be interesting to everyone.

Attitude of a God is what I am going to talk about. Basically it is the journey from where you are to a higher level of spirituality. Spirituality has to be very simple. To give you a quote from The Council, they say this:
"Spirituality must be very obvious. It must be staring us right back in our face. Since we have an all-loving Divine Presence, then spirituality is before us. If we cannot see it, if we cannot understand it, if we cannot reach out and bring it into ourselves, it is because we chose to be blind to that love."
Those of you who have been in the metaphysical field are familiar with the idea that in order to really become spiritual there are mysteries and secrets that you have to learn about. Well, that’s good. That’s good to sell a lot of books. The fact is there is no mystery. There is no secret to reuniting yourself with your Divine Presence.
First of all, if as they preach, this is an all-loving God or all-loving Divine Presence and He wants you back, why would He have secrets that you have to discover? You see, a little logic, a little common sense, will tell you that a lot of this stuff is hot air. So, if we do have this loving God, there is no secret. It has to be obvious to everyone, regardless of how intelligent you are or how unintelligent you are. It has to be very obvious. A loving God wants us back in His bosom; therefore, He is going to make the pathway back to Him as simple and straightforward as can be. So the individual who is the most child-like can return to Him without any problems at all. We don’t have to discover any secrets because there are no secrets.
Let me go on with another quote from The Council:
"It should be obvious and yet how very, very few see the obvious. Spirituality is but an attitude an attitude toward yourself, an attitude toward life, and those around us."
So the real truth is that spirituality is an attitude. Your spirituality is based on your attitude. Your attitude toward yourself, to your life as you live it, and to those individuals around you whether they are immediate family or people you work with, people you just occasionally know. A lot of times at different conferences when I am on the road, people say, "Can you give me a reading on the state of my spirituality?" and I just tell them no. You can read yourself where you are spiritually much better than I can or any psychic can. All you have to do is ask yourself three simple questions. The first is: What is my attitude toward myself? That’s extremely important. The second is: What is my attitude toward life, how I live every day? And third: What is my attitude toward other individuals? Once you get those three answers and you put them together, you will have a perfect picture of where you are at. The fly in the ointment is that you have to be awfully damned truthful to yourself. If you really want to move from where you are at to a close relationship with this Divine Presence, you have to stop kidding yourself. You have to really answer the hard questions. Once you do then you have a place to start.
Spirituality, since it’s an attitude, is a conscious state. The Council said that we are conscious state beings. We hear the words and we accept that we are conscious state beings, but what really is a conscious state being? Our being the true self is not anything but a state of thinking. It’s our being, void of any physicality whatsoever. Our true self, the non-physical aspects, is composed of the attitudes that delineate how we see ourselves in relationship to other individuals. This conscious state is not related to the physical body. The physical body is nothing more than a tool for the conscious state to express itself. Our godly state, or the state of our godliness, is the quality of our character and the standards or morals that we live by. So your spirituality depends on how you live your life, in respect to yourself and others. To have a spiritual attitude is to have a spiritual state of consciousness. To have a spiritual attitude is to be a spiritual being. Our spiritual attitude is the state of our being, therefore a conscious state being. Our spiritual attitude is in our thinking process. That’s where we are spiritual. Our spiritual attitude has to begin there, in the thought.
If there is a secret to spirituality, which, of course, there isn’t, it would be attitude. Something so simple. If there is a miracle maker, attitude is that mystifying secret. So attitude is the key to everything. It’s simple. The attitude that we have to focus on, the key element, the first thing, is this: (we have heard it a thousand and one times) Do nothing to anyone else that you would not like done to you. The golden rule. That is the primo attitude. That means we must be caring, we must be loving, we must be honest and we must be faithful to those commitments we have made. It is that simple!

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