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What is spirituality? This is a difficult question to answer as it may be different for different persons both in the beginning and later on the path. I am not sure myself how to put it categorically. One could say the start is recognition that there is something more than what meets the eye. This may take us to explore many things but can it take us far. The reason for saying this is that mere curiosity cannot take us far. An urge to explore has to have deeper roots and curiosity is a superficial thing. Yet, it would be unwise to discount it totally for many turning points come to us accidentally without our prior involvement.

Discontent could be one such factor which has enough fuel to advance our quest with a proviso that we do not seek its immediate fulfilment. To expect anyone to love discontent is asking for too much especially in the beginning. To channel it in correct direction may be in one’s own hand. How could the correct direction be known is also a relevant question. To find the right way one must know the wrong way too. It is here the two different kind of influences in normal life that each come across help which come through religion and other facets like art, poetry and literature.

Whatever one may say the spiritual life would remain a mystery because it is actually one. Gita says something on the lines that some listen to it with wonder, while others talk about it in wonder and yet we do not know it.