Spirituality's Matter

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Spirituality's Matter:
Science's physics tells us absolutely
that the observer determines what he observes
be it particle, wave, probability-cloud or ...???
This rule “the observer determines what he observes” – is Universal because it also applies to the way the observer sees his Universe, Cosmos.

If a physicist really wants to see a wave then all he has to do is really want to see waves instead of particles: this guarantees that he will always see waves and not particles. Really.
On the other hand, if the physicist really wants to see particles then that is what he will always see, also guaranteed. Really.

as with physics and its Cosmos
so too with spirituality
and its guides, gurus and gods:

society and its sciences and religions have all “materialized” its masses
to observe our bodies as being solid
even though physics tells us, absolutely,
that there is Nothing solid about the particles
or their atoms/molecules that make up our body,
ABSOLUTELY Nothing, really, Really.

if a person really wants to “awaken” to spirituality
then all (s)he has to do ... what physicists do:
and voila, without any magic: all bodies will be spirits --
this is really guaranteed by not only Krishna, Buddha and Jesus.... Ramana
but also by all their gurus and gods, really Really.

As for the atheists
Physics and its Cosmos guarantees them
that if they also really really want to see spirits instead of bodies
then all their bodies will be spirits
without the need for miracles or magic, not even 2012:
really, Really REALLY.

-- O'no