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People seem to have different ideas of what 'spirituality' is. For many folks, it involves things such as meditation, japa, discrimination, etc. but I think these are merely tools, ways and means to an end. So what could it be? Could it be...

* The sound of water flowing through pipes?

* The purr of a refrigerator motor?

* The squishing sound of one's feet as one walks through wet grass in autumn?

* The way people rock back a bit to get their balance before crossing at the crosswalk?

* The cool feeling of the sheets on one's toes when first getting into bed?

* Brushing one's teeth at bedtime?

* The way sunshine reflects so beautifully off ventilation ducts on a building?

* The look on a child's face?

* Someone's warm hand in yours?

* The sound of a truck passing by outside?

* A lovely orange color of a cup of hot tea?

* The smell in the air on a city bus?

* The jingle of a belt buckle, as you put it on?

* The smell of smoke in the air on an autumn day?

* The knot one uses to tie their shoe laces?

* The way you have five fingers and toes, as does everybody?

* The smell of a cat's fur when she's happy?

* The deep, awesome hum of the power box outside your apartment building?

* The smooth, gentle feel of the plastic on the front of your music player?

* The smell of your pillow?

* The pattern of cloth woven into your pants?

* Seeing and hearing water go down the drain, swirling and making a 'glug' sound?

Stuff like this -- simple things, little things, things that used to be unconsciously blocked out here so thought could do its thing -- are noticed now. Noticed, marvelled at and deeply cherished.

This, to me, is spirituality.

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Nice. :)

Phroggy | Tue, 10/07/2008 - 03:43
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So much...

So much for life being a 'laboratory to perform experiments in', as someone here suggested -- only the mind could come up with such a twisted view. Who is performing experiments on what, and to what end? Let s/he who feels apart from life separate themselves from it and then act on it. Life is happening, now, and there are no simulators available :-p.

Omkaradatta | Tue, 10/07/2008 - 06:01
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Hey, somebody has to proove all these theories. :)~

Phroggy | Tue, 10/07/2008 - 06:34
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Yes! esp. those devilish 60 Hz hums.

They always make me trip! :P

Thinking about your list led me back to one of Merrill-Wolff's aphorisms: 3. Though objects seem to exist, Consciousness-without-an-object is.

Is the perception of objects the ego in potential? Is the Now an object of Consciousness and therefore continuously held onto by ego potential? How can the potential be transcended?

"Everything is humming loudly."

slenten | Tue, 10/07/2008 - 07:12
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The now...

The now cannot be an object of consciousness, even though we might try to make it so. There is no 'passing instant of now', only the continuous Now (i.e. it's always Now).

Omkaradatta | Tue, 10/07/2008 - 18:37
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When some boby starts his/her inner journey,only then he/she is able to see that all aspects/deeds of life are spiritual.

madan_gautam | Tue, 10/07/2008 - 09:07
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Misunderstanding the end

People won't ever understand the end of the 'inner journey', because according to ego the search has to go on forever. Only when someone writes a book or becomes a famous guru, shows some signs of "worldly" success, it's reluctantly accepted that the spiritual journey is over for them. Otherwise, it must just be the beginning, because they haven't achieved or attained anything. In the spiritual quest, the quest itself is the barrier, but the mind can't understand that.

To walk naked through this world free of everything, including oneself... even the spiritual people don't understand it. It is an anti-achievement.

Omkaradatta | Wed, 10/08/2008 - 03:59
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Regression theory

And also the means by which we would normally measure progress are wholly innefective when what is happening is more like a regress; The comming to a stop of an unnecessary movement. A process by which something comes to rest is not generally considered a process, and there are no accepted ways of measuring it, even assuming anybody believes that's what needs to happen. There may, however, be some indicators that 'the end is near'. (No, not repenting.:)

Phroggy | Wed, 10/08/2008 - 04:36
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I would guess...

Fwiw, I'd be willing to bet that there are some sanskrit terms and such that refer to just such a 'regress' correctly, but don't translate well into English... India does have a long spiritual tradition. Of course, 'measuring it' would always be pretty much impossible -- by what signs does one measure the absence of signs? ;-).

Omkaradatta | Wed, 10/08/2008 - 05:50
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Absence of absence

Well, mostly by a conspicuous absence, I spose. Anger, judgment, fear, struggle, expectations, attachments, control, material need and doingness, tend to fall away as one regresses. Also, a childlike state may return (which is interesting cause it's the negative connotation of regressing). Relationships may improve and peace and contentment may increase. These latter things may lead some to lose interest in dissolving any further.

Phroggy | Wed, 10/08/2008 - 17:28
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I suspect...

"These latter things may lead some to lose interest in dissolving any further."

I suspect their interest in dissolving plays little or no part in it. It's more their lack of interest in 'holding together', and I don't see why this would change following some particular things. "Staying together" as a self is painful, is suffering.

Omkaradatta | Wed, 10/08/2008 - 17:44
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"Staying together" as a self is painful, is suffering.

And yet even when this is seen, most will insist on it because the identity becomes precious.

Phroggy | Wed, 10/08/2008 - 18:03
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If you say so...

How folks manage to speak for 'most', I'm always wondering, but if ya say so ;-). From here, personal identity isn't pretty and it's hard to see what could be precious about it.

Omkaradatta | Fri, 10/10/2008 - 02:02
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I often wonder how the obvious, and even relentlessly obvious, can suddenly become a mystery that nobody can unravel.

Phroggy | Fri, 10/10/2008 - 02:52
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So then...

... what's so precious about personal identity?

Nothing is obvious here about human beings and how they operate. Much of it seems here obscure, difficult to comprehend, based mostly on "everybody believes it/does it, therefore it's true". It said so in a famous magazine article. Mom/pop taught it, therefore it's correct. My friends all believe it, therefore it's factual. "It's just how people are". What nonsense.

Omkaradatta | Fri, 10/10/2008 - 04:00