The Spiritual science, The Science of self-knowledge

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Consciousness and attainment of knowledge about oneself or mind, mental or self development and the duties to one’s own mind– is Spirituality. Spirit means inner self that is mind. That which can feel –can think –is mind.

Besides these, the state of mind, the state of spiritual being, spiritual state or condition is also called spirituality.

As we are spiritual beings, our all activities are spirituality. This great world is also spiritual world, because this world is a spiritual existence! But from the practical aspect, the consciousness about spirit or mind is called spirituality.

‘Self-searching’ –‘self-inquiry’ is the first word of the true spirituality. Who am I, why am I, from where I came and where to go, where is the beginning of the great universe and what is its goal-?-?-?-?

True spirituality is not so-called spirituality. ‘Who is I’ –is the first step of the true Spiritual world and the goal is the –‘Oneness’. In this way –naturally you will meet with ghost and God, but they are not main things in this world. The main thing is ‘I’ –that is soul. Self-conscious –‘I’ aware part of us which thinks, feels and desires. It’s Mind! But keep in mind that our present Mind (s) (Human conscious Mind and pre human conscious Mind) isn’t the whole mind, the whole Mind is like a lotus; there are many parts and many stages of blooming.

Desire for acquiring true knowledge about one’s own reality –is Spirituality. Gradually… becoming endeavoring earnestly to be enlightened earning true knowledge about individual ‘I’ to the Supreme ‘I’ and after that the Original ‘I’ –is true Spirituality.

Mind is like a blooming lotus. There are many stages and many parts of blooming conscious mind. Pre-conscious to insect conscious, after that – reptile conscious mind blooms gradually.

The next stage of blooming petals of the lotus like mind is animal conscious mind. After that, previous human conscious mind, and after that, human conscious mind, and next, super human conscious mind blooms gradually.

The last blooming stage of the mind is God conscious mind or the God mind. Also there is more one stage, then when all petals will fall down, the remaining part with seed [for re-(again) creation] is Original conscious mind.

Those who are conscious about his/her own mind, with inner world, also conscious about outer world, and conscious about the great world mind, they are in fact enough conscious human beings.

Spirituality is not anything depending on faith; most of the people think that worshiping of God, prayer and religious activities are spirituality. Actually, so-called spirituality and true-spirituality are different things. And here is the necessity of such a new religion or a system of human development, which will fit for the new age, that which will unveil of the truth, and will show the way of truth. We hope, 'MahaDharma' –the way to better life, which is not religion, more than religion is coming to fulfill our expectation.

Spirituality –That, which is its own real form, is true spirituality. Here, the ‘true’ word would have been used unnecessary, if ‘spirituality’ would have been existed within us in its own reality.

The fundamental and real base of Spirituality is ‘I’, that is ‘Mind’. Supernatural spirit, ghost and God are far-off subjects. So in name of spirituality –those who are absorbed only in supernatural affairs, their condition is like– ‘to count one’s chickens before they are hatched’. Actually, the complexity is created just then, when we stay in smoky– confused state.

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so true to say..

to understand and realize the own-ness, the true self...

but how to do this all...?
coz what ever way we adopt, bound to face a rock wall in the pah..

its difficult..

krishnad | Thu, 04/18/2013 - 18:26
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I agree in today's world

I agree in today's world those who are not spiritually inclined are are not really praying, they are just following rituals without understanding the symbolism of it, they fear god and do not see god's true intention which is love. They do not reach their higher self, but succumb to their lower self and consequently dwell the self with the seven deadly sins.

This is because man has spent his live on glorifying himself, look at history lessons all over the world, it's all about mans great conquest of ruling the world, when in actual fact the world is made by god and ruled by him. Man seeks to glorify himself by creating borders using race, creed, religion and countries, but these are just illusions (maya). When are they going to wake up?

Man need to wake up n realise, creation is the work of the creator and we beings created by god need to focus only on doing god's work and not dwell on making a name of ourselves. It does not matter, we are clearly vessels in which god gives a choices. To choose what we want to do, follow gods path or succumb to our desire... So for the love of god, please rise, rise above disparity and see all is one, and one is all, connect with the spirit within and you will see the oneness in everything.

yoda23 | Mon, 04/22/2013 - 11:02