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Just recently, I have discovered something very valuable, so my intention is to share with you all.

It is when we feel satisfied with ourselves when our life perspective looks much more promising and rewarding. Besides, we soon discover that something else important has to be done. Yes, I know that apparently it doesn’t make any sense, but trust me it does. Which human quality do you consider to be better, to be optimistic or to be realistic? Allow me please to contribute with a personal experience. For over twenty years I worked, first as a waiter and then as a headwaiter. The lessons learned in this excellent profession are indeed great. What kind of behavior are we supposed to express regarding with all our human relations? Always to serve our fellow man with honesty and humility that’s my answer. Many years ago I read something impacting. “Life is a very long career in humility” When you are a waiter you must embody this good quality at all times. Soon I learned than to become the best waiter your good work shouldn’t be noticed by customers. Your efficiency depends mostly on always asking yourself: “What’s missing?” If you behave like an optimist waiter you will become careless, but by being realistic you always find something that has to be done in order to improve your service. This same amazing principle applies to our lives, no matter what they are. When I changed professions and became an ESL instructor I was able to apply this same service principle asking myself. “Is there something else I can do to improve, both my teaching and the students learning abilities” As you might know, I’ve never lived in an English speaking country. I had to compete with many American, Canadian, British and Australian teachers. Obviously most classes were given to them. What I did was to talk to the school owner and challenge him/her to check the student’s advancements from these foreign instructors with mine. The challenge was accepted. I was able to demonstrate this person that comparing my efficiency with their efficiency what took their students eight months I was able to obtain the same positive results in only five months. From that moment on my work schedule was always full. What are the morals in this story? That we have always had to fight for what we think is right, but always being fair and square.

Many years ago, when I created the Aplikom Project local people couldn’t believe it was a Mexican his creator. How was possible that a simple headwaiter could know so much about our learning modalities about meaningful learning and teaching. These people weren’t able to understand that many times self-taught are better than having a credential. There are still many people who have this wrong idea. They label us, human beings. If you are an engineer you can’t create music or a poem. Our key word then will be to believe in everybody’s being versatile.

Love, tolerance and understanding having in mind our brotherhood.