Spiritual salesrep is the same as any other salesrep

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There are those who write here and in other spiritual forums that you notice immediately that they do not care about you, they are not into truly share anything with you, this is just an excuse for them, they have a bigger selfish hidden agenda that you are involved in as a means.

There are those wannabe teachers or wannabe spiritual authorities that would put the link to their personal website in every tiny comment they post and merely do not care a bit about you, they just want to use you to inflate their miserable ego. They will not discuss anything with you, they will teach you from an authoritative voice. They will also make sure you know that they had some nervous-related experience which they proclaim as enlightenment.

And there are those others who also do not see you from a meter distance, they also have a hidden agenda in which you have a role as a soldier: they are here to recruit you to their guru, to their path, which is the only path. This is the way they cope with their doubts by relentlessly convincing others, They are just head counters like any other marketing manager in the market.

Why all these people are dishonest with us? Why all these people are dishonest with themselves? What's the difference between these people and any other marketing officer? Don't they see that what they do is yet another foxy sleeky marketing promotion? That their spirituality is just a cover? a facade?

Luckily, there are those that it is apparent they honestly try to share, learn and help without any trace of selfish hidden agenda. They have no link in the bottom of their posts and comments, you see that they are not here to air their vocal opinion on anything and prove why you are wrong and they are right, they know how to listen, there is stillness in their conduct. And what a surprise - they have the most superb quality posts and appear as the most advanced. A coincidence? I don't think so.

An exercise: remove all links from your posts and comments. Adopt for the first time the habit of thinking why maybe the other is right and you are wrong. Perceive yourself as spiritual novice. Can you?

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Religious salesreps

I wouldn't say that all of them do not care about the other but yes, they have a selfish hidden agenda, yes, they want to sell something and yes, this wanting is a big hindrance in their personal path.

I usually react suspiciously when I notice too much self advertising in the form of links at bottom especially if it comes with religiousness and extreme attachment to own views but I still make sure to inspect the content, at least at first encounter.

I liked the exercise at the end. Anyone who falls in that category and ignores this exercise is in big trouble.

doo | Sat, 09/12/2009 - 08:36
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Love it

Brilliant advice. I'll look at my own. Thanks!

Gilana | Fri, 03/12/2010 - 17:27