Spiritual Power in Man's Word.....

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Words saturated with sincerity, conviction,faith, and intuition are like highly explosive vibration bombs,which , when set off,shatter the rocks of difficulties and create the change desired. Avoid speaking unpleasant words, even if true. Sincere word of affirmations repeated understandingly, feelingly,and willingly are sure to move the Omnipresent Cosmic Vibratory Force to render aid in your difficulty.Apeal to that Power with infinite confidence, casting out all doubt; otherwise the flow of your attention will be deflected from its mark.

After you have sown in the soil of cosmic Consciousness your vibratory prayer-seed, do not pluck it out frequently to see whether or not it has germinated.Give the divine forces a chance to work uninterruptedly.

[Scientific Healing Affirmations; Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda]