Spiritual people, where have your emotions gone?

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Spiritual people, where have your emotions gone? What spirituality is this without genuine emotions bursting and flowing?!

Where are the tears? Your eyes are dry like a desert for so many years.

Love? Only as a subject to discuss and analyze as part of some conceptual goal in the future called enlightenment.

Don't you see the irony? Don't you see that your spirituality is the shield of your intellectual mind to block any tiny speck of true spirituality?

Don't you see that your spirituality is not truly spirituality?

Don't you see that anyone simple and genuine who has never been acquainted with a single spiritual text or technique is more spiritual than you?

Wake up! This is the true waking up. It may not be pleasant, it may not be glorious, it may not be sophisticated. Are you disappointed?

Use the following sign and do not dare to forget it: if you can't cry, your spirituality is just a masturbation. Do something, do not continue to fool yourself.

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So true and painful - if you haven't read it yet, do not read!

This post is extremely dangerous. If you haven't read it yet, don't read it. Go on with your life, why do you need troubles. If there is a bit of honesty in you, it will devastate you, it can turn your world into ashes. It puts a terrible cruel mirror in our face without mercy. I met thousands of spiritual seekers, teachers, masters, writers - I cannot name more than 3 among them that can escape the description in the post.

Oh God, why did I have to read it?!

suzi | Sat, 03/06/2010 - 00:06
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eyes of a desert fly

...so dry

I spent a few years unable to cry once. I spent a few years where I would cry whenever something would make me laugh because that laughter seemed so beautiful...And would laugh every time I would cry because tears seemed so silly in such a beautiful state. What a vicious cycle. lol

There are also the tears where one can weep themselves into such a horrific wailing for such tremendous length it forces them to question why a being would be created capable of that kind of outrageous ability to internally suffer.

What blessings emotions can be..And what hell they can create. But why damn the empty or the blissful? What fools the religious are! What fools the spiritual are! Why do we have these extreme generalizations and this angst against others who aren't the same as what one may think they are?

In forums of discussion, intellectualism often is the modality for interaction. Poets and artists communicate emotion well but that communication isn't a discussion, not externally anyway.

In realms of life, emotions will be stimulated..along with thought. Funny how both are viewed as limitations and hindrances by many..not just thought.

If I might ask, what does love mean to you?

Lol..just joking

Good reminder anyway of the various types of addictions we deal with..whether they include the exercise of thought(intellectualism) or the exercise of emotion. Both can be capable of tremendous healing though. I don't care to damn either myself unless I don't care to be bothered by them if I'm trying to get some sleep or something. ;)

B-friend | Sat, 03/06/2010 - 09:52
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Great piece!

I totally agree. This is our true challenge, whether we categorize ourselves as spiritual or not.

Before we aim at something, before we believe in something, before we adopt a path - we must be completely in the heart, not only conceptually.

erez | Sat, 03/06/2010 - 12:42
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I agree.

I totally agree.

Paraphrashing the Christian Bible, New Testament, Corinthianx Chp 13 (somwhere), this thought came to me often:

"If I can be enlightened like the Buddha, and experience this so called yogic Bliss, and once in while notice momentary Siddhi, near psychic, pseudo-supernatural, "twilight zone momentary" experiences, and have this goofy smile on my face, because these really cool "energies" course through my innerbody", and I can "dissolve" painful emotions to release trapped energy like transmuting base energy into freed up consciousness.....but have not Love....

...I am nothing nothing, and have gained nothing."

But then again, there is wisdom hidden in the last part of B-Friends post about not damning either thoughts, or emotions. Whatever good we do, the mind/ego can spoil, and destroy, and turn sour, like weeds choking good seeds trying to grow. Don't lose hope. There is good in all good. Stay grounded. Admire your 5 year old child. See how innocent they are without having any clue about any of this "innerbody meditation", "yogic meditation", "siddhi", "Mantra", "Pain body", "focused attention", stuff.

And learne from the lilies of the field. Or the bluejays outside your window

They just are. They are beautiful. It just IS. Nothing more. Nothing less.

As adults our intellects have developed, and those things I mentioned above can be helpful tools to help calm the noisy intellect. Depending on the current momentum of the intellect, the intellect can make it all seem hopeless and a waste of time. Or, it can be quite and leave you alone in genuine calm and peace. So that you can simply be, and enjoy what simply IS.

Sometimes, heavy doses of meditation is needed. Sometimes, one just needs to take a walk, or play blocks with their five year old.

It's not all bad. It's just where you are at the moment, and the momentum of the intellect. That emotion that lead to that post will too soon pass.


Quantum | Sat, 03/06/2010 - 17:25
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The wrong question.

Question is,
Spiritual emotions,where have people gone?

jasdir singh jaura | Sun, 08/22/2010 - 09:04