Spiritual people should Recharge their soul with prayer and meditation daily

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We all are not forgot to take food and liquid to fulfill desire and requirement of our body, But most of us forgot to understand the requirement ,desire of our own soul with in us. Which is part of supreme soul. This soul’s requirement or food is prayer of whom you like or any meditation method of your choice.
Most of people are fail to fulfill this requirement of soul which lead many complication in their life
Like Stress , anxiety, anger, unhappiness, tension, lake of joy ,dissatisfaction with self and other.
Spiritual people are more effected with it because they are mostly remain isolated or more reserved than normal people due to their spirituality .Due to this reason they do not distress their mind and body so easily.
This spiritual people have better or you can say holy soul with pure mind which make them extra sensitive and different from other and they can caught easily with negative vibration of other.
Negative energy , thoughts, soul are like a parasite which e are totally dependent on others or require other medium to develop.
In totality positive energy is more in universe while in number wise Negative energy is more than positive.
Negative energy attract towards positive energy ,negative thoughts toward positive and negative soul towards positive soul .
See the mobile phone its battery and software and memory card and sim card.
If its battery is down or low it will not work or work improperly. Its Memory is full it can not receive or send any message or store any thing.
Our soul like a battery and our mind like Sim card .We have to charge our soul with prayer & meditation and empty our mind from extra ,unwanted thoughts and make space for good ,noble thoughts for more improvement in our spiritual and normal life . if you have good thoughts it will come in reality one day.

Very few people can do meditation for long time setting but all can spent everyday for 15 to 25 min at any convenient time preferably after taking bath .Who can spare time in morning a start of new day before going to your routine will be more effective , otherwise Thos who not able to spare time in morning can spare time in evening also as this time is more relax time of all.

My Heartly Regards to every holy soul.

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i agree with u brother..a

i agree with u brother..a nice post..:)

Imtiaz Ahmed | Mon, 08/16/2010 - 07:41
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i liked

i liked
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please help me
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rajj | Tue, 08/17/2010 - 10:35