The Spiritual Path of Non Resistance

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"When you realize there is nothing
that is not consciousness
then you can allow yourself
to experience every moment
without resistance.

Because in the mind
whether it be conscious
or unconscious,
you are resisting feeling this moment.

You are separating yourself from this moment.
And that avoidance is stress.
It consumes all of your energy.

And what are you avoiding in this moment?
There is something you are resisting feeling.
It maybe an emotion, a thought, a sensation,
it maybe something far more subtle than that.

But usually unconsciously
the mind is saying there is something
that is either bad or not satisfying in this moment
and so it avoids it,
it separates itself from it,
mainly through being involved with the thoughts.

The ego exists and survives in this way
as a separation from this moment.

But if you can allow yourself
to feel what is here,
which means surrendering
the one that separates itself
from this moment,
then you discover
that what you are resisting
is consciousness itself,
peace itself.

When you rest as awareness
in this moment,
then anything that is experienced
in this moment dissolves back
into its essence,
it dissolves back into consciousness.

Then there is nothing to fear,
because you begin to experience
that everything is consciousness.
There is nothing separate from

The only thing seemingly separate
from consciousness is the action
of separating yourself from this moment;
the action of resisting this moment.

And in surrendering that resistance
in every moment,
you move deeper and deeper into
the essence of what you are,
deeper into consciousness,
deeper into peace, deeper into oneness.

Just to have the intention
to no longer resist anything,
to fully allow your experience to be as it is
in every moment:
there is great freedom in that.

And you will find over time
it is the easiest path
as it requires no effort,
only surrender into what naturally is

Much love,


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You don't need to wait for that

You cannot really realize that there is nothing that is not consciousness until you are realized. You can have a feeling that it's probably right, you can trust your teacher that says so, you can conclude it intellectually, you can believe in it.

And you certainly don't need to wait for that realization to genuinely happen in order to be convinced to release resistance. There is a much simpler way, a mundane one: you can realize in direct experience, not through some high concepts, in a trial and error fashion that resistance is the thing that causes suffering, not the pain, not life situations, not others, resistance is the reason for your suffer. You can easily witness that when you have some serious pain (either physical or mental), your psyche is programmed to resist it and you suffer, now, release the resistance just for a few seconds and see what happens.

david | Wed, 12/11/2013 - 06:41