Spiritual Path

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In one of the post yesterday I tried to explore the question of Spirituality. Today I would like to go a little deeper and explore the path in general and what it entails. Spiritual journey is as real and there are number of objective yardstick through which one could measure ones progress. While each path has subjective indicators like the lights seen by those who meditate or the joy a devotee gets when he is immersed in devotion, a general broad objective marker could also be given.

First is always a turning point that marks the commencement of journey. While one may be preparing for the spiritual journey the entry is well marked and leaves a strong impression which could be called a turning point. The progress at this stage is often marked and a seeker swept along by the first flush of Love. Yet this period does not last long and sooner or later a person encounters an obstacle. I choose to call this state a state of fear for he has to take a decision which could have far reaching impact on his life. Many are unable to cross this obstacle.

Having crossed the obstacle a person gets what could be called knowledge. This is not real knowledge but something more than what he had before commencing and enough to convince him of spiritual truths. This is both exhilarating for him and a danger. The danger is that he could become complacent in which case further progress will stop. He could turn with vehemence to what he deprived himself of, the worldly pleasures and get entangled in them.

If a person crosses this danger he encounters a dark night of the soul. He has to sacrifice a bit more and exert harder for the ascent is steeper. If a person comes out of it he is rewarded with real knowledge. Here another danger lurks silently and that is the lure to become a Guru. Should a man succumb to it he would have failed having come so near to his goal.

When we visit any Holy place in east we take off our two slippers or shoes. This could be realised as giving up the desire of two kinds, pleasure in this world and fame. One has to guard against its various forms and persevere in efforts without slackening efforts like a traditional farmer in India who works on the field whether it rains or not.

Having persevered one is sure to reap the final reward and he would know it unmistakably when it comes.