Spiritual Olympics

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I am really enjoying watching the Winter Olympics. It’s fascinating to watch these young athletes do what they love to do; I can feel their passion in my own body. I am so inspired by their commitment and determination to live out their dreams NOW!

As I watch these Olympics unfold, I see the parallel between achieving Olympic Gold and reaching the summit of spirituality: Enlightenment. It simply amazes me how life provides us with so many mirrors.

Every one of us is born with the purpose of bringing the world a gift. This gift is realized when we awaken to the Truth of who we are: Magnificent expressions of Source or God, Spirit, Universe, or whatever you prefer to call it. When we shed the excess layers that keep our gift under wraps, we simultaneously share our gift with the world. And only the shedding of the layers will reveal our gift: Our Authentic Self - full of love, joy, peace, fun and ease! Being our Authentic Self is the gift we are born to express.

Here’s where the gift gets covered up. Each year, millions of Souls are born with the potential to reveal their gift. But something happens along life’s journey, and through the process of socialization, we are programmed to believe we are not so special. And to make matters more complicated, we are programmed to believe that the world has the power to determine the worth of our gift, should it ever be uncovered.

The Spiritual Journey is a path we must choose to identify the programming that acts as the layers that cover our gift. Each of these layers is nothing more than a fear-based belief. Once these layers are removed, voila! We are enlightened! Pretty simple. Right? So why then, are so few enlightened?

Oops! Back to my point, the Olympics. During the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver:
• 185 million people are expected to tune in to NBC, to watch the coverage of the games.
• In 2008, 3.4 million people snowboarded, according to an Xtreme Sports magazine.
• There are 2,621 athletes at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.
• The US Olympic Team has 216 athletes.
• Team USA has 18 snowboarders.
• One, Shaun White - Olympic Gold Winner!
Here are some interesting facts about Shaun White: he is 23 years old, has snowboarded since he was 6, entered his first competition at age 7, and turned pro at the tender age of 13. As a teenager, Shaun became the first-ever athlete to compete and medal, with gold no less, in both summer and winter Olympic Games. He is also a Skateboarding Champion. Shaun fell in love with the sport even before he could snowboard, as he watched his older brother snowboard while the family vacationed on the slopes. His passion for the sport and determination to master it is quite evident.

Spirituality, like snowboarding is available to anyone interested. Yet unlike with snowboarding, everyone can achieve spirituality’s highest honor: Enlightenment! Yet, much like with snowboarding, 98% of folks who are exposed to the sport will be spectators who watch the other 2% participate full-out. Of the 2% who participate, only a handful will dedicate their lives, day in and day out, without compromise or question practicing and mastering the skills necessary to journey onward. And only one will actually win the Gold. Why is this? Simple: Desire. A true unwavering, from the gut, no-one will stand in my way, fear-less commitment to reaching the ultimate Goal.

So here’s the deal, Spirituality is not a spectator sport. Achieving Enlightenment is every soul’s birthright regardless of what country you are from, your age, gender, religion, financial status or color of your snowboard (HA!) It all comes down to this, how bad do you want it? Do you want to reach the summit like Shaun White? Are you willing to go the distance and uncover your Gift? Did I mention that there is no amount of gold in the world that is worth more than the love, joy, peace, fun and ease you’ll experience when you reach the Summit of Spirituality? So what are you waiting for?

If you want to join Team Enlightenment, call me, I’d love to be your coach!

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Chasing goals is an obsession, in sports and spirituality

I see it in a somewhat different way: chasing goals both in sports and spirituality is the best way to refrain from life and people because they are defined in future and become merely a means.

In the case of sports, all the great winners I have ever known had some great emotional pain that fueled this insane obsession to win.

In the case of spirituality, yearning for enlightenment is the best recipe for not undergoing any change, let alone attaining enlightenment.

The same awakening questions are always effective: why actually chase goals? what the value of these goals when you die? Where from we have got this impulse of chasing goals? What this chasing serves for us? and above all what are the prices we pay for this chasing?

lalo | Fri, 02/26/2010 - 12:56