Spiritual Non duality is the true wisdom

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F.S is highest teaching based on non dual spirit or Ataman. It helps the seeker to overcome all the all the inherited physical fatter,installed by parents,society and religion and circumstances. F.S teaches spiritual non-duality , which is the true wisdom.Non dual spirit is the invisible substence and witness of the mind or 'I', in which the person and his experince of the world exists.

The test of truth is, to see the whole mind,which is person including his experince of the world as illusion.

To realize the fact that the mind or experince of duality is illusion,constant reflection is necessary during early stages. Seeker must continue inquiry,analysis and reason whenever a new doubt or confusion is presented until it gets cleared.

Seeker has to cultivate the habit of inquiring and reasoning on the base of true self or spirit, until it becomes a habit.The mind becomes more receptive when there is no confusion and doubts.

F.S is not for those who wants to indulge in intellectual arguments based on 'I' as self. But for those who has intense urge to find and realize the true self, which is spirit in lesser time and effort.

Argument is not the means to get knowledge. Discussion on The same subject and on the same base will help the seeker to receive and assimilate the self knowledge.

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Don't take it personally,

Don't take it personally, you are not the only one who does it but I find it problematic when someone declares that his theory or doctrine is the "highest teaching...". Why? For whom?

You say that "The test of truth is, to see the whole mind, which is person including his experience of the world as illusion."

It is exactly the opposite, basic fact, by definition: the only tool you have at your disposal is your experience, you have nothing other than experience, nothing, whether you want it or not, whatever is sensed by you firsthand and not through the grapevine is termed "experience". All other things are theories, by definition (because you have not experienced them). Therefore, you cannot see your experience as illusion even if you wish badly to do so because when you see it is experience and it is also according to your doctrine an illusion etc.

mika | Fri, 07/25/2008 - 09:29
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Hi mika;
Thank you for your response.
From experince only we have to know the experincer. When you hold the mind as a whole experince that is person and the world together,then mind is only an experince. Because person and his experince of the world are within the mind, the experincer[WITNESS] has to be something other than mind.
Therefore it is necessary to find and grasp the invisible experincer of the mind or the whole experince of diversity.

For illustration the dream is experienced without the physical apparatus, similarly the waking is also experienced without the physical apparatus.Thus tracing the invisible experincer, mentally and grasping and realizing it to be the non dual spirit, is wisdom.

Since F.S is based on the spirit, it is difficult to understand at first. But gradually when one realizes it is the only tool to burn all the inherited accumulated dross, and realize the ultimate truth, that is, the whole experince of diversity[mind] is created,sustained and finally dissolves in the formless non dual substence, from where it has erupted.
Since everyone views and judges on the standpoint of 'I',limiting the mind to physical entity, all these confusion is crated.

Please go through all my blogs , then only you will be able to assimilate, what is it all about. Because reading one or two blogs and judging will not give you the full essence of F.S.

With respect and regards
Have a blissful time.

santthosh kumaar | Sat, 07/26/2008 - 12:51
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"Don't take what personally"

Why would you write something and preface it with, "Don't take this personally."
No matter what someone writes someone has to come along and disagree.Of course if it is your guru your not going to argue...so what your doing is just giving opinions and hoping someone will disagree and the psuedo intellectual retoric battle begins.
I would enjoy it if you wrote from your heart..tell me about your experiences not how to experience..this spiritual quantum physic competition is really quite boring.Please become enlightened..become a teacher and write a book..until then everything you repeat is (your)level of truth.
It is unfortunate but this is mans unconscious nature to be defiant..rebellious..argumentative..This is what made Jesus so good at what he did..he taught in parables(simple stories illustrating a moral truth)Your stories ar so complex I feel like I'm reading formulas for astrophysics.
I know you'll have to fight the urge to put me in my place..but this could be a good thing.

Ladyshamballa | Sat, 07/26/2008 - 20:04
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It is all within your mind

Dear, they are not complex at all, give them a try and you will see that they are things you can easily experience by yourself, no theories or complex formulas, the point is experience.

Whatever hidden motives and speculations and competitions you suggest may be also (only maybe) within your mind and your inner world. Who told you I would not disagree sometimes also with a guru? How do you tell a guru from non-guru? who told you it is not from my heart and experience? Inspect yourself and use your above judgments as a tool to develop.

mika | Sun, 07/27/2008 - 03:34
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Re: It is all within your mind

Hi Mika,
Me and you and the whole universe are within the mind. The experince of person perceiving this world is not apart from the mind. The person and his experince of the world together is mind, which, is present as Waking or dream. When 'I' or mind exists the Waking or dream exists. Since we limit the 'I' to physical entity, we will not be able to go beyond the mind. The 'I',mind, waking ,dream,experince of duality are one and the same thing. Therefore it is necessary to know whether the mind, is within the physical body or physical body is within the mind.

One has to understand the fact that when there is duality it is called mind. When there is no mind, it is non-duality, which is the self. Thus duality and non-duality is state of mind not some theory or philosophy.

Since some paths preach non-duality, but their practices are based on duality. Thus it is necessary to call spiritual non duality, to bifurcate from physical based non duality.

Since one bases his individual experince of birth,life and death as real, and apart from the world he remains in the clutches of duality. Individual experiences are nothing to do in spiritual pursuit.One may be billionaire or genius but when the mind disappears as deep sleep, whatever he has seen,known, believed and experienced as real disappears as non dual spirit and reappears as Waking or dream.

The birth,life and death are happening within the mind. Thus it is necessary to realize the fact that the Waking and dream, which are mind, cannot exist, without the witness.

Therefore, it is necessary to find and grasp, what is it, that witnessed the dream, without the physical apparatus, and realize the same formless witness, is witnessing the waking also. Thus that witness is the the true self, which is eternal entity, which is within the mind, as its invisible substence, and it is apart from the mind, as its formless witness. It is apart because it is not an entity or identity with the mind, which dream or Waking.

Therefore it is necessary to know the substence and witness of the mind, without it the mind cease to exist. This subject is very vast. Seeker need to rectify his seeking base mentally from form to formless base to grasp and assimilate it.

Therefore discussing on the physical base will not yield results.The seekers who have tried all types of spiritual paths and practices and found them inadequate and useless can adopt F.S in order to realize the mind is an experince not an experincer[witness].

The experince appears and disappears as Waking and dream. the one that witnesses this appearance and disappearance of the mind is the true self which is Ataman or spirit.
The dream becomes unreal, when Waking takes place. The Waking becomes unreal when the wisdom dawns.

With respect and regards

santthosh kumaar | Sun, 07/27/2008 - 11:42
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no no do not change

mika, your words here are enlightening and are helping me so much. please do not stop or change... for me your comments and blogs are equal to those of a guru seriously plus i do not need to move from my convenient desk :)

john | Sun, 07/27/2008 - 06:06
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Do not take what personally

Hi Ladyshamballa,
Thank you. Your opinions and advise is like pearls. I have tried most of paths and practices and crossed all the barricades and realize the fact that, the true self is the true guru. Experience teach us many things. Setbacks and suffering makes us strong and looks elsewhere. When we do not find answers for our doubts from outer source,we try to find it on our own.

Buddha did not have any teacher yet he realized the fact the religion,god glorification and scriptural studies are useless in pursuit of truth and discarded them. Whatever I am writing is not my intellectual ability it is revelation from the core. I do not want take any author ship, since I am only an instrument of expression.Thus I do not mind if they take these writing as my opinion or some stories, it is left to them.

Whether I get enlightened ,or become a teacher it happens only in mirage which is mind.Thus what is the use of becoming enlightened or becoming guru when it is the part of the mirage. Seeker has to establish himself in the witness of the mirage which is non dual spirit. The self is the invisible subsistence and witness of the mirage,which is non dual spirit. When one is able to view and judge the worldview on the standpoint of the true self , which is spirit, he will be able to understand the meaning of the spiritual insight of bible :I AND FATHER ARE ONE-- spiritually it means Mind and spirit are one in essence. But physically there are many meanings for this insights.

It is not the man who has to get enlightened, it is the mind that has to get enlightened and realize the fact that, it not a man but the spirit.

I have no urge to fight with a intellectual personality like you. You have to fight on your own, and find your eternal true identity and discard your physical identity.

The look of an object will depend upon the medium through which the observer views it. In fact our mental and intellectual condition will determine the worldview observed and experienced. The religionists viewing the same worldview will see it differently from the Atheist viewing the same worldview. Each one of us interprets the worldview, that we see in terms of our existing knowledge. I see world and myself as a person within the mind. But you think you are an individual apart from the world. Thus we are the bird of different feathers. Therefore argument or discussion on different base will not yield any results. Since everyone holds birth and death as reality. But in F.S birth and death are within the mind which is mirage. It is difficult for the people to understand when they pick up a sentence from a blog and pass there opinion without going through the whole subject, which needs receptive mind, which is free from accumulated physical based dross.


Anyway each one of us to carry on our task in the mirage, until the mind becomes one with its substence.

I admire your intellectual capability. You are great.
With lots of respect and regards
Take care. Keep in touch.

santthosh kumaar | Sun, 07/27/2008 - 19:54