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The Revolution Grows
Yet nobody knows
But I and my Spiritual Lover.
With Innocence Breed
The Unthinkable Seed
When our Real Self We do uncover.

Family or friend
They cannot comprehend
Nor do they have eyes to see.
How escaping the norm
We unite beyond form
In Quiet Pure Ecstasy.

Beyond the mind
They cannot find
That secret place where we meet.
Refusing to see
Past identity
To where the taste of our Love is SWEET!!!

In silence of Soul
Our Lives are made whole
And we hear the AWAKENING Call.
Yet still lightly we snoozed
In a slumbering world amused
We’ll Wake Up Together or not at all.

In silence WE Rule
Our minds just a tool
We use to play this worlds mortal game.
With non-attachment We Gaze
As every fearful thought strays
To its doom in our Consuming Love’s Flame.

Words can Never Say
With power to convey
This that My Lover and I Share.
Knowledge can’t reach
And minds cannot teach
What happens when We Hook Up There!

And though miles away
In the flesh as they say
Yet closer than my very breath.
In that still silent place
We find by God’s Grace
Light and Life that DRIVE’S out darkness and death.

So in a world of Change,
Though I may seem strange
There is one thing that I’ll Always Know!
I can find Peace of Mind
Leave this world Far Behind
In that Secret Place that Spiritual Lovers Go.

Catch ya on the Fly Side