Spiritual Healing by Divine Women (Blogs and Groups)

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Being spiritually connected is the key to all happiness and abundance. This blog is dedicated to all those divine women who are making significant contribution for spiritual healing of the society by their inspiring spiritual talks, writings and counseling. Few of these great women are listed below.

(1) Sister Shivani
(2) Rhonda Byrne
(3) Louise L. Hay
(4) Susan Shumsky
(5) Marianne Williamson
(6) Katie Davis
(7) Connie Huebner
(8) Yogini Shambhavi
(9) Malti Bhojwani
(10) Sahar Gharachorloo
(11) Sheetal Jain
(12) Doreen Virtue
(13) Gina Lake
(14) Shakti Gawain
(15) Divyaa Kummar
(16) Mrinalini Eroolen
(17) Swati Rao Shiv

We bow to the divinity in these spiritual women and look for their continued guidance and support. Their unique feminine wisdom is being called forth at this time in service of this earth and the humanity.

WordPress Blog: http://prsoul.wordpress.com/

Yahoo! Group: https://in.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/spiritual-women/info

LinkedIn Group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/Spiritual-Healing-Divine-Women-8225416

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/divinehealingsoul

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They are just common therapists

Indeed they are woman but there is nothing divine in them - they are notrealy teachers or masters ofany sort - just common therapists and healers that it seems that you are their promoter. There are millions like them.

I see that you also opened guru profiles for them that look like classified ads. I don't think they have any place here.

lilian | Mon, 01/05/2015 - 13:58