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Sarlo's Rating On Gurus

Sarlo's Guru Osho was a nigura (uninitiated or non-disciple or served no Guru).
His Guru's works are projected by his ego and nothing more. Sarlo being his disciple projects his Guru's ego.
Is it not hypocrisy to become Guru for others when one himself served no Guru?
The ratings, views and opinions of hypocrites have no value among the wise and the truthful.

Sans teacher, one cannot learn even science,
Sans Guru, what one knows is only nescience.

Nathyogi | Tue, 10/07/2014 - 06:11
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Is there anyone left that you didn't maliciously smear?

As always, you provide no supporting arguments to your shaky claims, only your speculations. It's very funny that you go guru by guru and baselessly smear them based on your one-dimensional assumption that one cannot realize the self without having a guru. It's of course sheer nonsense and a bit childish, one can argue with the same validity that if someone didn't have a living guru than he cannot get enlightened or that if someone doesn't have blue eyes than he is a bogus guru.

No, it's not hypocrisy being a guru when you didn't have a guru. Judging others based on one subjective factor of yours is, it's mainly self hypocrisy or rather I say, self deception. Facts prove differently. What matters is the actual and factual facts, not baseless speculations that I suspect that just feed your inflated ego. You think that being a disciple to a dead master and writing in awkward rhymes is enough, well it's not and you are evidence to that: you are clearly stuck with an inflated ego that runs through every sentence you write.

Anyway, whether you like it or not, sarlo's ratings is a great resource that proved itself over the years the same way as gurusfeet.com guru profiles did. The fact that he criticizes this dead man you adopted as your guru (hoe convenient it is to have a dead guru whose words are filtered by the mind and that cannot be a source for criticizing you) and whom you never really met ever in person doesn't mean that sarlo is hypocrite, it means that you are blocked to reality.

george | Tue, 10/07/2014 - 09:12
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Re: Is there anyone left that you didn't maliciously smear?

Dear George,
I praised some genuine Gurus also but your mind is attached to niguras and untruth you have failed to notice those opinions.

I say again, again and again, it is truth.

Sans teacher, one cannot learn even science,
Sans Guru, what one knows is only nescience.

Fools follow the one
Who has followed none.

Dubious is all one's knowledge
If a Guru one doesn't acknowledge.

Let the world see that you will be the first one to realize truth being a nigura. I am against hypocrites and fools who have not served any Guru but pose themselves as Gurus for innocent and gullible people.
Truth can no longer be looted by fools and hypocrites.
Even in this world one has to go through the phase of a student to become a teacher.
Only fools expect to become Gurus without passing through the phase of a disciple. Here mere commonsense is required with sound reason to differenciate truth from untruth.

For your information I am a disciple and forever be so. Do not draw conclusions on your own. Your conclusions do not affect the truth that I carry or own. To awkward people truth appears awkward for they cannot digest it. Write a single rhyme and start criticizing my rhymes. Guru is made only once and served. If father is dead, only a fool seeks another father.
To hypocrites, truth appears like hypocrisy.
The wise and the truthful know very well what is hypocrisy and truth.

Sarlo's ratings are appreciated and followed by fools for his Guru is a nigura.
Following a nigura means meeting one's inevitable doom.
I am here to judge by the actions and with truth.

1. Have you served a Guru? I think you are also a nigura (uninitiated or not served a Guru). Why don't you accept truth when you have not served a Guru? Truth chills the spine?
2. This is my opinion about Sarlo. He thinks that none can rate him. Sarlo has been judged by the truth of his Guru. From the Upanishads it is called as 'The blind led by the blind all fall in the ditch' for what a nigura knows is only ignorance.
3. You or all are free to accept/reject/protest/be neutral to my opinion.

I am sure my opinions, rhymes, poetry are meant for sincere and genuine seekers of truth who follow the famous saying of Lord Buddha (Believe nothing even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own commonsense).

Nathyogi | Tue, 10/07/2014 - 10:31
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You can say again and again

You can say again and again and even again but this will not convert your baseless hypothesis into truth, that's where you are stuck, so many have told you this before but you are blocked and needlessly cause yourself to not progress on the path.

I and others gave you factual and validated hints and you keep on replying with dogmas and mere statements with no supporting arguments or just cyclic arguments. You are like any other religious fanatic who clings to scriptures and doesn't dare to open his eyes.

Don't try to sell this "I praised some genuine gurus", you don't really know who is genuine and who is not, your ego mught think so but it's time for you to go beyond your ego, you praised no gurus here except the dead one you follow, you keep on going one guru profile after another and just smearing them based on one hallucinatory factor - whether they had a guru or not. Moreover, you do it even to masters that you yourself admit that you have no familiarity with their teachings and nature. Okay, we got it, now enough with flooding the guru profiles with this nonsense negativity. Anyway, I suspect that the editors will erase all these opinions of yours at some point as they did to similar "serial" opinions before.

PS. you misunderstand the essence of being a disciple, it's just a means to an end, it's an instrument, not the purpose. There is no difference between you and capitalists who see money as the purpose and do not understand that it's just an instrument or generals who see war as the purpose etc. This mental disorder of turning the means into the purpose and getting stuck in that adoration is called fetishism.

george | Tue, 10/07/2014 - 11:03
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Re: You can say again and again

My poetry is the proof of truth that I carry.

You being a nigura cannot know of truth.
So far truth or fact has not been written down. Your claim of hints and facts is nothing but your projection of ego based on your works (not carrying out the duties laid in the scriptures).
Truth is beyond expression, language, writing etc.
A frog in the well thinks what it knows is only the world available.
It cannot be tolerated if you project, promote and propagate what you know is the only truth and fact available to the world.
First your life is not truthful where is the question of knowing truth and expressing it.
What a nigura knows is ignorance is repeatedly told by all the scriptures of the world.
Be happy and live in your ignorance. But remember you will never ever reach truth without serving a Guru.
This is not my opinion. All great souls of the past expressed it and they did serve their Gurus. Do you think were they fools to serve a Guru?

PS: First become a disciple, serve a Guru, then come and talk. This is the practice of truth. A nigura has no knowledge what a disciple is and cannot judge without passing the phase of disciple.
What a nigura talks is babbling of a child. There is not an iota of truth found in him.
They are called hypocrites if niguras start becoming Gurus. This is simple truth. To understand this commonsense is required. I think you don't have that also for you are comparing disciples with capitalists. This shows your biased mind which served not even parents who gave you this body.
First you serve your parents and then become a disciple, serve a Guru and come and talk. Else accept that practicing truth is beyond you and you only know talking.

Nathyogi | Tue, 10/07/2014 - 11:49