Spiritual Awakening & The Perfect Storm

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"It is not the content
that is the problem.

You do not need to change
the content of your thoughts,
personality and feelings
for spiritual awakening to happen.

Changing them, improving them,
trying to get rid of them
only keeps your attention
bound by the content.

Whether you say
'I am becoming awakened'
'I am improving my life'
or "I suffer from a bad childhood"
the prison is the same
if you are identified with that thought.

If your attention is contracted
into being a something,
knowing something,
understanding something
attaining something
improving something.

As soon as you see the
world through this perspective
of me as the doer and knower
that wants to make things be a certain way,
you have separated yourself from peace;
you have separated yourself from love.

But if you allow the content to be,
if you just allow everything to all hang out
without needing to improve,
or paint over anything,
and be aware in that,
(and awareness is key)

then you will see it is all fluid.

There is no fixed definition of
what you are.

It is all a rush of energy
that takes the form of thoughts, feelings,
sensations and sensory happenings
that are always changing;
always arising and disappearing.

Just as the apparent outside of you
is the same rush of energy
in the form of outer happenings
always changing,
the same is happening on the apparent inside.

Even that there is an inside and outside
is suspect.

It is all the same flow of energy,
it rises, it falls,
it manifests and unmanifests
as the force of the whole universe
and beyond.

It is like a hurricane
moving right through
your house.

The windows are blown
the doors have flown away.

The same wind on the outside
is blowing on the inside

and you are trying to keep the photo frames
on the mantelpiece from falling over.

You are trying to clean the spots
off the silverware.

'Look, I got the strawberry
stain off the kitchen counter'
you say as the kitchen counter
flys out the window.

Just let it all go.

Let it all rise and fall as it wants
and then you realize your are the wind.

You're not some tight definition
of ideals, concepts, memories and
feel good spiritual quotes.

You're not a fixed perception
trapped behind the intellect
working hard to become something better.

If you allow it all to go,
you become the everything,
you become the storm itself,
sometimes blowing like a gale
sometimes a cool quiet afternoon breeze.

It's all the same wind.

So the question is
how can we get you to the
point of deep surrender
and total confusion
where you realize you don't know anything
you're not getting anywhere
and there is no hope in hell
for you in the slightest.

Because then spiritual awakening can happen,
then you fall into the abyss,
you fall into perfect awareness
that has no shape or form
or limitation.

You become free of yourself.
You become free
of the idea that you are
separate from everything else.

Your attention is no longer bound
by a fixed definition of who you think you are
and is free to rest as limitless attention itself.

Much love,


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