Speaking to a Child in the Womb - Part One

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Speaking to a Child in the Womb - Part One

This is very good insight for those who are expecting a new addition to their family. William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, spoke on this concept several times.

Questioner: Do you physically speak to the child in the womb?

The Council: It is more, how shall we put it, it is more productive if the mother and the father talk to the child in the womb verbally. In fact, we would advise strongly that the mother and the father talk to the child as if there were a three way conversation going on.

That child is quite capable of understanding what you are saying, believe it or not. When someone uses language which is disrespectful around a pregnant woman, that child, that unborn child, hears that as well as the mother. If there is an argument within the family, that child is fully aware of what is being said, and if the mother or the father does not wish the child to be born and such remarks are made, that child will know it. Now we are not speaking from a spiritual level, we are speaking from a material or conscious level. That information will go into the subconscious area of that baby and will adversely affect it sooner or later in life. How bad will be determined by how much love that child is given in the future to correct that activity of one or the other parent.

That is why we have said in the past that as soon as the mother conceives, she must turn her entire life around. We were not asked at that time how much of a part the father will play, but now we will put the responsibility on their shoulders. They also must turn their lifestyle completely around. They must think of that child. Everything they say, everything they do, that will affect the mother or that child must be taken into consideration. A father who cannot carry on a conversation without having every other word laced with, how shall we put it, unnecessary adjectives will assume the responsibility for the immoral decline in that child's consciousness because of such words. And that goes along with the mother, too. In your day and age, women's mouths can be as vulgar as men's used to be, in fact, it seems to be reversing and this is very, very sad.

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