Sparkle your light

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sparkle sparkle in my eye
that twinkles low and twinkles high
that twinkles here and twinkles there
that twinkles almost every where
thank you for your super shine
for lighting up desired signs
for chakra centers all aligned
for serendipitous designs
for him and her and he and they
for sun shiny and rainy days
for beautiful floral bouquets
and educational displays
for lessons learned and lessons fought
for vomit, fevers, chills, and snot
for happiness when deep in thought
for that desired and unsought
for teachings of equality
of love and light, prosperity
compassion, love, and empathy
peace and joy and harmony
thank you for such kindergarten
playful things are not forgotten
for your light it only brightens
that which leads me to enlighten
in spirit or in human form
with human friends or spirit swarms
in peaceful weathers or violent storms
our light still shines, it still transforms

2/12/11 KG.