the source of the pain and pleasure

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When one try to search the source of the suffering it leads him towards the truth[self] realization.
When Siddhartha the prince with all his comforts of luxuries, when he he saw the suffering he renounced all the pleasures of life and try to seek the truth of life. when he became aware of the true self, he became aware of the fact the life is nothingness. That is everything was created out of nothingness[formless] and everything is nothing[FORMLESS].

Modern man is pleasure hunter, and wants only pleasure of life not pain. Thus everyone is involved in hunting the never ending pleasure, and they try various methods, which suits to their own mindset, to get that pleasure that does not pass away.

When one who is able to think, very deeply, will find the fact that, the pleasure and pain are created out same substence. And the nature of the substence is formless. The formless substence itself is the true self. The true self is the source of the experince of diversity[mind]. The whole experince of diversity[I] is erupted out from this formless source.

Since man thinks he is individual separate from the world and limits, the mind[I] to the physical entity, he remains in ignorance, and experiences the duality as reality. Thus he accepts the suffering as part of his life.

The pleasure and pain are impermanent within the experince of impermanence[mind]. The mind[I] which appeared on its own also disappears on its own. The one who knows the mind is created out of nothing[formless] and that nothing [formless] is everything[self] is free from the ignorance, which is the cause of the pain and pleasure.

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I am new here. You has said that man wants pleasure out of life and not pain. This sounds true but man doesn't mind the pain as long as pleasure is at the end. The end justifies the means. Examples of body builders. They will go through tremendous pains of lifting weights and working out and the pleasure is at the end when they see themselves in the future looking into the mirror with all those huge muscles. This is also true of athletes and other professions. Even going to school is not pleasurable but at the end goal is a great job and money. And unfortunately at the end it is not all that cracks up to be. The joy or fulfillment is short -lived. And then they are on to something else. What is strange for me is the loss of drive and motivation in the life that is being lived in me. Yes I have a job and career and love my work in what I do , but it no longer is seen as important as before.
There is gratitude but the rat race of trying to get ahead and be more successful has fallen away. The analogy that comes to mind is if you are filled then all the great food that is laid before you doesn't make your mouth water because you are not hungry. Someone said that the source that takes care of my breathing and keeps my heart beating will sustain me and take care of me as well. Is that true and if so how does one know that? I say this because especially today there is much stress and concern because of the economic situation in the world especially here in the states.

mrsnacks | Sun, 10/04/2009 - 00:31