The Source of Inspiration

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Who is the source of inspiration ? How do you decide ?

Something which elevates the understanding of soul, not the material consumptions, they are only for time being, though essential,but when the elevation of soul happens, that cause of elevation is the source of inspiration. It helps a being to see through all the situations , be it favourable or unfavourable, with grace and dignity. Its aura just radiates
in all circumstances because the inner is connected , firm, silent and still - Connect to that and you will be inspired.

Guru - guide - or spiritual master becomes an aid, a medium,
a path shower to learn, be blessed , express your gratitude
and move on. There are others waiting to be guided.


- Savitri Aima

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Why is it important to know

Why is it important to know who or what is the source of inspiration, if any? Why is it important to decide?

I have come to realize that these inquiries are inquiries of the mind that usually distract us from being in the inspiration, being the inspiration. I think it is better to celebrate the great cake instead of being distracted from this real time enjoyment with checking which is the bakery in order to make sure more cakes are obtained.

During Ayahusca, you see that there is no source, at least no such that can be conceived by the mind.

sharonk | Wed, 12/12/2012 - 10:44
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Madam did you seek the

Madam did you seek the soul?I mean is ur search over?Did you saw the divine aura?.A true achiever never boasts that he is an exalted soul.If he is boasting means there is a commercial aspect in that.There is no place for commerce in spiritual field

mbnarayana | Thu, 12/13/2012 - 08:39
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Revered Sir,

Thanks for your kind views. I welcome it.

Just to clarify a little. What ever is written is what
has been received during meditation. so the idea was not
to boast or talk about it. It is just to share and feel
one with all. There is no end to learning, which may
continue to many life times. I thought this was a forum
to share from heart, because Divinity is present in each
particle , its up to us how we look at it. No commercial
thought comes inbetween. Mind plays the jugglery and
as we grow the burden of words and books and rituals drifts
us far away from reaching to the Spirit, therefore the wise
have rightly said that only when we are over with rituals can we be spiritual.

Thank you so much once again and my sincere gratitude to you

kind regards

s_aima | Sat, 12/15/2012 - 09:00