The Sound Current

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It is in the context of this problem that Surat Shabd
Yoga, or the yoga of the celestial Sound Current, assumes
its unique importance. Those who have mastered this yoga
teach that the Absolute, though free of attributes in Its primal
state, projects Itself into form and assumes two primary
attributes: Light and Sound. It is no mere accident,
they point out, that in the revelatory literature of all major
religions, there are frequent references to the "Word"
which occupies a central position in their pattern. In the
Gospels we have:
In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with
God and the Word was God.
In ancient Indian scriptures we read repeatedly of
Aum, the sacred Word pervading the three realms of bhur,
bhuva, and swah (i.e., the physical, astral, and causal).
Again, Nanak says:
The earth and sky are of naught but Shabd (Word).
From Shabd alone the light was born,
From Shabd alone creation came,
Shabd is the essential core in all.
Shabd is the directive agent of God, the cause of
all creation.
The Muslim Sufis declare:
Creation came into being from Saut (Sound or Word)
and from Saut spread all light.