Soul is the product of food

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Soul is the product of food

Jivo nityopi purvakaryamevopachito navagunaih.

(Even though the jiva is eternal, he was the product of food in past. Even now jiva is becoming stronger by new qualities produced with the help of basic awareness that is generated from the present food).

The soul taken as a group of qualities is called as jiva. The soul or jiva is eternal in the sense that he is coming from past several births. He is not generated in this birth from the present food. But still, the jiva was the product of food in some past time. From the present food, general awareness is generated, which is modified into qualities based on the present environment. The soul becomes stronger and stronger by the added strong new qualities. However, weak qualities produced in the present birth fade away. Hence, in spite of eternality of jiva (soul), you cannot do away with the basic concept that the soul is the product of food.