Soul Pieces

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Soul Pieces

Somehow within the clouds of disillusionment, I lost my way

Searching for the pieces of my soul that went away

Knocking on doors, glancing through windows

A swarm of blackness covering me like swarming widows

Each beat of my wounded heart, spills forth the crimson life force

Flowing into the valley of the bottomless abyss, away from source

My soul, a wilting flower weakened from the lack of nourishment

Without the energy to fight, deeply needing encouragement

But somewhere in the mist a gentle pulling—a faint calling I try to hear

The pulsations get strong and stronger as you draw near

A golden light, the glow within--overflowing from the center of be-ing

Spreading out like a seismic wave, further and further the rhythmic rippling

Touching the core of self, filling the voids, sacred transfusion

Brilliant shards of light, transforming the never-ending confusion

Opening the door of the soul, the puzzle pieces come together

My mirrored companion, heart of my heart, our souls uniting forever