The soul is not destroyed but exits, during death

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The soul is not destroyed but exits, during death

Annanishedhaat gato nityo na nashto vijnaatah .

(When the food is not given, the person dies and in death, the eternal soul or Jiva exits the body, but not destroyed as per science).

According to science the soul is formed in this birth only and is destroyed in this birth itself and as long as food is digested, the soul functions. When the food is not digested due to disease or damage, the soul is not destroyed but exits. This does not mean that we are refusing the conversion of food into soul.

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What about the mind and thoughts?

What happens to the mind and all it's thoughts? Does mind and thinking survive too? Or not?

Quantum | Sat, 09/19/2009 - 21:16
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Mind goes to upperworld

Just in the last fraction of a second before death, a small portion of the heat energy is used in the formation of the energetic body that goes out of the gross body along with the bundle of qualities, which are stored in the mind. This bundle of qualities, accumulated from the past millions of births of that soul, which is called as the subtle body or Jiva, cannot be prepared by the scientist. He cannot bring back this bundle called the subtle body, which escapes from the gross body and enters an energetic body that comes out of the gross body.

This energetic body is called as a Yaatana Shariram [body of suffering], if the Jiva goes to hell. It is called as a Bhoga Shariram [body of enjoyment], if the Jiva goes to heaven and it is called as a Divya Shariram [divine body], if the Jiva goes to the abode of Lord. It is due to this reason that a dead person cannot be made alive after he has died [since the subtle body has already left the physical body and has entered an energetic body].

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dattaswami2 | Sun, 09/20/2009 - 03:13