Soul the Fifth Cosmos

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Continuing with wiseacring the Soul or Atman could be said to be the fifth dimension. Probably its not a good idea to begin with a conclusion.
First let me put it the pop science way. We are all familiar with the three dimensions which covers pretty much everything we know and see in this universe. Now the fourth dimension is the Observer because of whom exist time and space very much the way shown by Einstein.
If there was a way in which the Observer could disentangle himself from the observed and remained unaffected (alone) that would be the fifth dimension for his world view would be totally different.
Since these are only wiseacrings let me put it differently as I understand it in relation to the three forces mentioned previously.
Since we are introducing the Observer it would be consistent to account for him in the very first dimension. The Observer has a world view so this first dimension would be his First Cosmos. The first force is the Force of Inertia (mechanical force). With respect to the Observer these are the functions he performs mechanically without the participation of his Conscious mind. These include the mundane task of brushing our teeth to our intellectual discourse (on TV included) which are merely regurgitation of what opinions and beliefs we hold and express so freely. This probably is what is meant by Sleep in Bible.
The Second Cosmos consists of our interests for we come alive here and participate in real time. We as if put in a bit of ourselves (heart) in what we do rather that being automatic (dead). I am reminded here of the saying let the dead bury the dead. This is the Second Force of Passion that make for the Second Cosmos.
The Third Cosmos consists of what a man has weighed impartially and given lot of time consideration and hardwork. This could only be done Consciously and roughly translates to Aim or Resolve. Remembrance is of the essence here for what if I gain the whole world and loose my Soul. This is the Force of Intelligence being the Third.
The Fourth Cosmos could be his resolve to be awake and not sleep. To keep Vigil and not fall asleep and is not such a simple thing for our habits come in the way. Jesus answered, "Die for me? I tell you the truth, Peter--before the rooster crows tomorrow morning, you will deny three times that you even know me. It is a long and arduous journey with many dark nights of the Soul. This is the Cosmos of Transformation or Purgatory.
I AM is the Fifth Cosmos where the Soul shines in its glory and becomes a handmaiden of GOD a Virgin where seeds divine can be implanted.

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Does the soul has existence

Does the soul has existence other than with a form?When we are concious of I, does it not refer to soul with in our body?What happens to the soul when it leaves a
body?where does it exist till it gets in to a new form?

mbnarayana | Thu, 09/26/2013 - 11:06
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The Five Kosha or Body

Annamaya Kosha(Gross body made from food), Pranmaya Kosha (energy or vital or Astral body), Manomaya Kosha (Mind or more appropriately the subconscious though not as is known in psychology an effect of which is the thinking process), Vigyanmaya Kosha (Intelligence sheath wherein shines the I thought) and Anandmaya Kosha ( Bliss body or deep sleep body) are the five bodies.

Definetly soul has existence other than the gross body or Annamaya Kosha.

When soul leaves the body the subtle imprints (similar to DNA) called Sanskars remain and are the cause of subsequent births.

Space and time exist in each plane (dimensions) and they are different. The relation is given by days of Brahma in Puranas or ancient literature.

The origin or soul body is perhaps a body of possibilities and something that is akin to quantum world where you can predict the position or velocity of electrons only is terms of probability.

joejo | Fri, 09/27/2013 - 11:48