Soul dies every day then how it is eternal?

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Soul dies every day then how it is eternal?

Mr. Surya asked a question “You have said that in the Gita, the Lord said that awareness is born daily and perishes daily. But how come some people are pointing out that in the same Gita it is told that the soul is eternal?”

Swami replied: There are two theories about the soul. In one theory the soul is eternal. This is correct because if you take the soul (awareness) as inert energy in its basic form, energy is eternal. The eternality of the soul is proved in deep sleep since life continues due to the existence of inert energy as the heat in the human body. Due to this inert energy alone, all the systems in the human body are functioning and the life is maintained in the body. Deep sleep indicates the co-functioning of two systems which are food (Annamaya Kosha) as body and respiration (Pranamaya Kosha) to produce inert energy by the oxidation of food. In the same deep sleep, the awareness has perished. Even the last trace of awareness, which is self awareness (awareness of awareness itself) as seen in meditation, disappears in deep sleep. Therefore, you have to agree that the awareness is transformed into its basic content which is inert energy. In other words you can say that the awareness has disappeared or is destroyed. When the golden ornament is converted into a lump of gold, you can say that the ornament is destroyed. When you awake, the awareness is reborn. This is our experience and cannot be disputed.

If you view the soul as inert energy, it is eternal as evident from deep sleep. If you view the soul as awareness, it is born daily and dies daily. Both these are two angles of view about the soul. It is like the dualistic nature of an electron which is a particle as well as a wave. The electron exhibits the properties of both in different contexts but not in the same context. Similarly, the soul exhibits both the properties in different contexts. Both cannot co-exist in the same context because both contradict each other. The Lord mentioned both the theories of the soul in the Gita and it is very important to note that the Lord did not condemn any theory. The two words used in this context which are ‘Atha’ and ‘Cha’ mean that both are equally valid theories in their own contexts (Athachainam…—Gita).