Soul consciousness

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We are all souls in bodies.. we are all together in this drama, so where is the competition?
Our daily struggle to overcome stress, pain and other emotional issues could go away if we could move from the body consciousness level to the soul consciousness level.
Doing that while dealing with humans is difficult and requires tremendous practice and commitment .One we realise the greater role and purpose of beings on earth, we look at the same issues from a different angle and say' let go'.
'Letting go' becomes easy and natural in the soul consciousness level but its a difficult struggle when you are trying to get there from a beginners level. I say this because i am at a beginner's level and starting to work on it on a daily and 'many times a day' basis . My connection to the Universe and my paramatma is 1) a conscious effort to understand and rise above the restlessness of sadness, pain, jealousy, anger, frustration and other emotional issues
2) To believe and realise that we all have the same qualities on a soul level
3)accept people the way they are and not try to change them
4) We all are depended on daily nourishment from the higher self /universe/supreme God to be full of love and peace.


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This is beautiful.

What exactly do you mean by soul consciousness? How do you invoke it or rather de-invoke into it?

To (3) I would add: and accept my reaction of rejection if I failed to accept them and did try to change them.

nancy pro | Fri, 05/22/2009 - 14:53
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As per my understanding,

As per my understanding, soul consciousness means living with the realisation that for example 'i ambika is a soul living in a womans body ,have come to earth to perform my various roles as a parent, wife, friend, daughter, etc etc 'and not 'ambika the body'. Once we realise that our focus changes from the body awareness to soul awareness. Like for example, love, happiness and peace, acceptance is the natural qualities of soul and we are full of them but since we never look within and tap it to experience , we look for it in outside relations and experience pain when we dont get it.
What we dont realise that happiness, love, peace, acceptance is our natural qualities and our own creation and therefore, when we dont depend on others to give it to us, we make relations more beautiful.

ambika | Sat, 05/23/2009 - 02:24