Soul & body inert & functions under the control of power of God only

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Soul & body inert & functions under the control of power of God only
Awareness is not God

Consciousness means awareness. Awareness is nothing but a specific work form of inert energy, which is transport of information from senses to brain through neuron cells. This transport is work only. Work is a form of inert energy only. Therefore, the work is also inert. Even the specific work is inert because the image fallen on the eye, the lens of the eye, the light rays bringing the image, the neuron cells which are just specific chemicals, the force of movement of the cells and finally the brain, which is also a chemical fluid receiving the image – all these are inert, inert and inert only. You have called this specific work by a new name ‘awareness’, which is actually and really inert only. Therefore, the soul and the body are purely inert and are functioning under the controlling power of God only. All the Creation from top to bottom is inert only and the soul is a fine part of the creation called as Para Prakriti by Gita. If there is any non-inert item, it is just the God only.

Veda says that God is the controller of the entire Universe including the souls (Patim Vishvasya Aatmeswaram….). Now tell Me, whether you have captured the non-inert item (God) by capturing the inert consciousness? Consciousness or Awareness is a specific and subtle area of the field of inert energy and inert matter. The capital city is the top most area of the kingdom. It is also in the kingdom only. It is not beyond the kingdom. Similarly, awareness is the top most fine area of the creation, which is a specific work called as consciousness or Awareness. This does not mean that the awareness or consciousness is beyond Creation and hence is God.