Sorrow & Joy

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I am proposing a third alternate which goes along with the preposition that energy evolves and involves in a cyclic nature and that as its origin or support it has an unchanging reality.

The cyclic nature of energy is due to the fact that in its development energy does not and cannot travel in a straight line because of encountering an obstruction at two points the first being the transition from gross to subtle and the other is from subtle to causal. I have taken the obstacles only in its evolutionary ascent but it is equally true of its linear movement. There is nothing surprising about it as we know the laws of refraction of light when it goes from medium of one density to another. These points could then be called the points of obstruction in its vertical ascent. This causes the energy to whirl at these points forming a circle like the dancing Dervishes.

Now the two main such points in our ascent are sorrow and joy. The former keeps it bound to the gross while the later makes for its re-entry into the gross after having left it or at least face in that direction instead of carrying on with the ascent.

We know that sorrow distorts our view like nothing else and when we are in grip of confusion caused by it the only help we could expect is from something outside it which is a Guru or a holy scripture. All that is needed at this stage from our side is to be open to its influence. However, when we have arrived at joy we tend to forget our sorrows and want to plunge into life. This is often called love of life. Without it Life would not exist. Essence of culmination of our effort is joy which is also the essence of life (LIla) and hence the cyclic nature.

Though in our case if we do not want to be trapped in only particular joy we need to abandon its pursuit and show dispassion. If it does arise during our ascent, we need to be careful not to fall for it. All movement of energy was facilitated by our awareness ( being alive) and full development of energy requires greater awareness which gives rise to unlimited joy though ‘Awareness’ being our nature we remain unaffected by it.