Some children care only about the property they get, Why do children behave like that?

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Some people have children who care only about the property their parents will give them. Why do children behave like that, Pujya Guruji?

Parama Pujya Shri Shri Guruji Nimishananda Guruji replies:-

When children lack spiritual culture and values, they do not realize the value of their parents’ love, affection and sacrifice because they tend to think only about money and materialistic gain. That is why children require the right inputs in life when they are young. When they are exposed to the spiritual atmosphere of Ashrams and Temples and are given an opportunity to have the Satsang or divine company of spiritually evolved beings, the goodness that is inherent in them blossoms naturally.

We think that the capacity to solve problems and earn a livelihood are the most important things in life. Most of the time, we groom our children keeping this in mind. In fact, though money can certainly bring comfort and luxury, it cannot buy nobility or happiness. If we lack emotional maturity, money will simply devour us. It will erode all the goodness, selflessness and generosity in our lives. That is why when we have money, we have to be extremely careful to ensure that it does not corrupt us. When we come into the fold of spirituality, it refines us and gives us a balanced view of life so that instead of being obsessed with money, we use it for the right things in life.

Since today’s society is largely materialistic, there are many number of “friends and well wishers” who are eagerly waiting to give us harmful advice. There are many people in the world who will say – “When will your father give you your share of the property? Why don’t you get it from him right away?” When children have been brought up with the right spiritual values, discrimination blossoms in them and they will never associate with such people or be influenced by them in any way.