The solution for Telangan issue

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Unity and diversity are equally important in their own areas of subject. Gita says “Avibhaktam Vibhakteshu…” the same. While concentrating one form of God, you have to follow your religion and thus diversity is important. While respecting other religions, you have to find unity in the forms of God and thus unity is important. This is the basis for the present solution of the problem.

The solution is to have both Unity as the State of Andhra Pradesh and to have diversity as five regions (Telangana, Kosthaandhra, Rayalaseema, Uttaraandhra and Greater Hyderabad). The nomenclature is not important and you can call the state as region and the region as state. There will be one state Chief Minister and five Regional Chief Ministers. The state will deal certain issues like water, Law and Order, development of a backward region etc., and the region will deal with the overall development of the region. There will be three types of taxes: 1) State Tax, 2)Regional Tax and 3) Central Tax. The total of these three taxes will equal to the present total of State and Central Taxes so that there will be no additional burden to the citizens. The state over regions is a mini-nation acting like the present centre over the states.

The separation of Hyderabad as a single capital city is very much essential. You should not think that this issue is limited to a few business men, who invested in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is developed since 1956 based on the concentration of large part of state tax and the central funds allotted to the state. Therefore, all the regions have equal contribution over the city. The argument that Hyderabad was in Telangana for the past 400 years is not valid because the fact that the city is developed based on the entire state tax cannot be disproved.

Suppose, there are two partners A and B in a business. There is an old house in the land of A the profit of business was invested on the old house, which is turned to a palace. Now, A cannot argue that the palace belongs to him since it was in his land from a long time. Most of the central offices and Industries are in this city and job opportunity should be open to all citizens of the state. Hence, Hyderabad should be made as Union Territory and should stand as a common capital to the entire United State. Simultaneously, the regional capitals can be developed.

The above solutions stand as justified conclusion for the present problem. This policy can be applied to the entire nation and similar problems in other states can be solved by this uniform policy.
At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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Let us not bring this issue

Let us not bring this issue to our site.There are people to solve or dissolve the issue.Let us only believe that we belong to the same planet (earth) and the planet earth belongs to solar system.It is enough if we are able to experience each vibration of earth caused due to earth quake sitting in our meditation room.Thus we can experience that Vasudeva is the sarvam

mbnarayana | Fri, 03/05/2010 - 04:54

No solution it is

One of the most dangerous idea to put a state into the division of regions also separate capitals to them; saying further one united state keeping common capital Hyderabad. But the person could not stop to politicize this idea must have to be made policy applicable over the whole nation.
This is called political fragmenting which have already divided India on the bases of such fragmentation. This is no solution at all because we the districts in the states.
Please caste, creed, colour, religions and other such ideas may be kept away from Politics of the nation with the view of it have been the work of assemblies and parliament on the mandate of citizens of India. Politics may be kept separate from this spiritual site.
Hereby, why this site is used for this political notion with submission of Fragmentary thinking.

NIDHI PARKASH | Thu, 03/11/2010 - 15:33