Solution of Present Day Problems

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O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

Most of the human incarnations concentrated on Pravrutti only because if Pravrutti is perfect, Nivrutti can be easily achieved. Even Shankara constituted all the Nivrutti for the sake of rectification of Pravrutti only. Baba mainly admired Shankara because the philosophy of Shankara appears to be pure Nivrutti but its result is rectification of Pravrutti only. According to Him, you are God, who is the absolute truth and this world is only your imagination. This statement makes you to stop all your spiritual efforts to become God since already you are God and the only effort is that you have to just remember that you are God. Since this world is only a relative reality with respect to yourself, the God, you need not strain much to achieve more than the minimum requirement in this world. If you earn the minimum required livelihood, it is sufficient. You need not loot the public because this entire world is only imaginary.

You need not spend much time in over-earning by doing sins for the sake of worldly pleasures because this world is just a dream. You have to constantly think that you are God so that you will become God since it is matter of only recognizing yourself [of] what you are already. By such constant thinking, you will certainly achieve the divine qualities in your practical life. Everybody knows that God has divine qualities like selflessness and very liberal attitude. If your selfishness disappears, the society is safe. If you are liberal, the society will be happy. By this, balance of society is maintained, which is Pravrutti.
When the world is unreal, your family is unreal and therefore, your bonds with family will disappear. By that, your selfishness disappears. Your ambition for worldly pleasures also disappears. All the society will be happy and will live in peace. This is a tremendous intellectual plot of Shankara to achieve the perfection in Pravrutti through the twisted Nivrutti. After achieving perfection in Pravrutti, the twist in the Nivrutti can be slowly relaxed and you will be very much eligible to get success in Nivrutti also very easily. If you become selfless due to the concept of unreal world and if you become sacrificial due to the concept that you are God, you will easily succeed in Nivrutti. Unless the selfishness disappears, the sacrifice cannot appear. Unless darkness vanishes, light will not appear. In Nivrutti also, you have to sacrifice for the sake of God and devotees reducing your selfishness. You have already achieved both these by thinking that this world is unreal and that you are God. In fact, neither you are God nor the world is unreal because you are a part of this world. World is unreal for God only. The plot is twisted in the beginning, but in the end, the twist is removed and the plot becomesg true.

By the twist in the plot, which is that you are God and the world is unreal, you achieve the perfection in Pravrutti. If you are perfect in Pravrutti, you will succeed in Nivrutti easily and now the twist disappears and the plot becomes true. When you succeed in Nivrutti, you have the real possibility to become God. When you become God, the world becomes unreal for you. Therefore, you are not cheated at all. You are not going to school. But, you are very much attracted to the post of collector. We say that you will become collector if you just pass the school. Then you will complete the school. Now, we will say that you will become collector after completing the degree and pass the IAS examination. Now, you will complete the degree and pass the IAS examination easily and become collector. Therefore, My initial twist did not cheat you and My initial trick was essential for your welfare.

This plot of Shankara was adopted by Baba straightly because He aspired for the perfection of Pravrutti in every human being. Baba adopted the policy of Shankara everytime and told that every soul is God and the world is unreal. His main ambition was always to establish the four pillars i.e., Truth, Justice, Peace and Love, which are the fundamentals of Pravrutti. He propagated that service to human beings is service to God. Generally, nobody serves humanity because there will not be any return and certainly everybody is discouraged. People get interested even to serve God without expecting anything in return because they know that God will be extremely pleased by such service and subsequently they have the possibility of becoming God! But, if a human being is served in that way, you will become the human being only.

But, you are already the human being and hence, there is no use. Now, people start serving the humanity so that God will be pleased and they can become God. Therefore, there cannot be spark without fire and there cannot be human being without personal ambition. Therefore, it is very difficult to achieve the result of Nivrutti and Nivrutti lies idle. Instead of keeping the Nivrutti idle, it can be twisted and can be used to achieve the perfection in Pravrutti. You may not become collector, but at least you will pass the school examination and there is every possibility to become collector in the future. Similarly, you may not become God in this birth itself, but if you achieve perfection in Pravrutti, you have every possibility to become God in some birth.