So you think you have free will?  Controversial article reveals why you may be wrong!

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​There is a commonly held belief or opinion that we humans all have “free will”. However I feel the commonly held assumption that you have free will is incorrect! Read this short article for my explanation and comment below with your opinion only AFTER you read.

“Free will” may be something that is rare in the world today, though it is growing with and where there are increases in awareness. You see, the concept of “free will” is: that you have a choice or in other words that you can do what you want.

The thing is that many people have become slaves of their own follies and lack the space of awareness to even have the power to make a choice in action and results. People under the inertia of their own heavy personalities can be far too reactive to have time and be aware of what results they are making by their action.

For example, you or I could walk up to someone, say just a few targeted mean words and then see the person react instantly without even taking a moment to think about whether how they react is for their own good.

Really if someone has “free will” would they not choose to have a peaceful, positive, and enjoyable day? Or are you really choosing with your power of “free will” to spend the next hour or even the rest of the day grumpy because someone else who really knows nothing about you came up and said something you interpreted as mean? Is it that the power of our “free will” to consciously make a choice about how we live belongs to someone else to make the choice for us?

You may now be able to see where my view is coming from in regards to the subject matter of “free will… To have free will means to be a Master of your life. In order to exercise free will you need to have the space of presence to choose how to take action, as well as the awareness that in the presence of the moment there IS a choice and what the options might be.

If anyone can walk up to you and say “I don’t like you, or whatever you believe in is a lie”, and you fly off the handle or get depressed then it appears that your power of free will has been lost…

Don’t just look at the over inflated egos and too personal identities which make people so very easily emotionally reactional as evidence. Notice the reflection of this lack of free will to make a choice in many of the ways that people have been living their lives. Is this really what you are dreaming, creating, and living with your power of free will and choice? Or is this slavery to the ego?

Again, to truly have free will means to be Master of your Life. The more we can settle into a presence of simply being and pure awareness, the more free we can be to make a choice. If we can relax and let go of taking our personalities way too seriously, then we can begin to see through the veil of shape-shifting ego. This mistaken identity has been clouding awareness of the opportunity to choose, as well as concealing the options and results created with action.

There settling deeper and deeper into the True Self beyond boundaries you can again discover immense powers of free will to create and dream the life as you choose it.

Please do comment with your opinion after reading this.
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