small bargain for realizing god

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This is an small story which i felt by an inspiration from my guru to share with you all.
This was as told by him in an discourse given at an
Maha Shibir at Ajmer(India)
Once an great Saint Ramdas Swami was preaching the Gods word in an temple, inspired by this words an lady seating in the crowd at the end of the discourse and once everybody had left the place meet the Swamiji and told him that I also want to experience god, can you make me experience him.
He said sure but on one condition and that is tomorrow when
you come to the temple bring me an Sweet dish (Kheer) as it is long time since i have tasted it and i feel like having it again,can you bring it for me, the lady was happy that she had got an easy bargain for experiencing God, she readily agreed to it. Next day in the morning she got up early and set towards the task of preparing the sweet dish, she added to it all the best of ingredients,dry fruits etc available locally, and with great care she spent four hours in preparing it and took it to Saint Ramdas. He saw the lady arriving from far off and quickly got up and filled up his Kamandaulu(Special utensil used for offering prayers to god) with dirty water from an puddle nearby and when the lady reached him, he asked the lady to pour the Sweet dish in his Kamandalu, the lady was shocked to see the dirty water in it and said just wait i will clean it and than pour it, he said never mind just pour it, she refused to do it and once again requested him that she will get it cleaned, never mind he said just pour it in and i will eat it, than finally she said swamiji i have spent four hours, with lot of efforts in brewing and preparing the concoction and you want me to pour it in the dirty polluted water and thus have my effort wasted.
Than Ramdas Swami finally told the lady, dear you have spent four hours working hard for its preparation and yet reluctant to pour it in the Kamandalu, Than just think that i have spent the best part of 40 years of my life doing Spiritual practices and realized god. How do you expect me to have the experience of god bestowed on you even though your mind too is equally polluted and filled with so many dirty thoughts. First you need to cleanse yourself than can only you will experience God.
Well I think this was an beautiful example of understanding the religious phillosophies or the divine principles which god has set for the mankind to lead their life by. Just mere words would had lost the essence of this principles.
Please forgive me if you dont like anything about the above it will be my mistake and if something is good than it belongs to my guru.

Thanking you

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How can one not love this allegory?

Beautiful allegory.

I miss kheer, long time since I tasted it :-)

I would recommend you to put the tag with your guru's name in the tags (and also a tag of "Swami RamDas") so that people who are interested in your guru and browse his guru profile (and ram das profile) will see this post in the links and so will come to read it also.

alon | Mon, 12/21/2009 - 08:01
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Please forgive me...

You are a great soul. I love the tenderness and humility with which you bring these stories and the loving way you speak about your daughter and wife.

johnd | Tue, 12/22/2009 - 07:28