A Singing Dancing Love Light

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Not everyone resonates with what I speak

And want to debate this intellectually

All attempts at sounding obtusely clever


An armchair discussion

I never have the foggiest about what they mean

Most think it's pretty poetry

And that's just fine by me

Those who do resonate

Recognise it instantaneously as a reflection
Echoes of their own love and emptiness

Or have had glimpses of it

This love and emptiness

Empty of ideas
Of a you and me
Of ideas of love

Empty of emptiness

The sheer mind boggling stupendous beauty of this

The sublime quiescent peace
Permeating the very fabric
Of the swirling storms of the mentally fabricated debris

The edges between
A centre and circumference

There never was an edge

This seamless edgeless song
Of this and that

Of me and you

A dance and song

Without which
There' not even nothing there

The sublime joy

And the heart breaking sorrow



Aware of itself

As it is

Who would want their world ripped apart

Comforters are what most seekers are looking for

Or to fix or manipulate and improve the dream

I've noticed they quickly begin to fill in the blanks with stories about god... or eternal consciousness... even ideas of awakening from and transcending the dream

and the like...

Opium for the masses....!

No one awakens

Even awakening is the dream

We are being dreamt
How can a dreamt character
Cease to exist?

That which never existed
Cannot not be

And these songs sing themselves
Knowing there's no one singing
And no one listening

A mirror no prisoner takes

Yet sings and dances with reflections

A centre-less jewel
Every facet reflecting the light

A glistening gem

Twirling around an emptiness

A singing dancing
Love light