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Can we keep it simple is the question? One can approach complex problems in a simple way. The problem is that simplicity is decried as being naive or impractical or idealistic. We are not talking of scientific problems, though even they are solved by splitting a complex problem into simple units. The focus here is on daily living and our problems arising therewith specially with respect to relationships.

A simple way to understand simplicity is to negate what it is definitely not. Thinking over too much about a problem does not solve it. Life is a dance and there is no one size fit all at all times. There is no one particular right solution to the problem that thought needs to paralyse itself by constant thinking rather than acting and moving on. Action requires that we pay attention and not be absentminded (thinking) and therefore thought has a definite place but a subordinate and secondary one to life unfolding itself.

Second related to thinking is the authority of another whether they be books or persons. What one has understood clearly does not remain a mere thought but is transformed into something we could call a skill from which action results. This understanding is organic as against authority which remains on the outside and is not flexible enough to deal with real life situations and requires explanation or modification.

Third is our need to look good in the eyes of others. This perpetual concern with self image distorts and complicates situations. We hesitate to admit our mistakes and ignore them thereby preventing learning.

Lastly our inability to concede or feel that there is something other than thought that is more appropriate specially in human relations which may not appear entirely logical for it is too simple and that is Love.