Simplest and most obvious thing.

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The sensation in my body recently embodied itself, came into power, activated, whatever the explanation is. I was sitting in a train station and I was dwelling on the sensation, when it became very intense, and much laughter and joy came with that 'intenseness'. It was a shock to me, and has left me trying to recapture that sensation. This is a silly thing to do as it was out of my control then, as it is now. However, to a degree it's in my control, in that I have to keep reminding myself now, that the sensation is potentially 'enlightenment', and that's it's always been happening, and flowing, but I have been suppressing it. Why would I suppress something that is so natural and beautiful? Why does the ego mind suppress that, and hold on to fleeting notions about itself and the world about it? The ego mind does not know this sensation, it has never experienced it before, and it is resisting the unfamiliar, and threatening force that the body creates without effort. The effort and the pain and the aches and the sadness all come from background resistance.

But basically what I wanted to say, was that it was the simplest and most obvious thing that happened. So simple that the mind does not want to believe it-and that is where I can say to myself; 'Stop.'