The Simple Truth About Kundalini Awakening and the Nonsense About Kundalini Awakening

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After energy flows out of the Godhead to produce the gross realms, a portion of this energy remains dormant and acts as an anchor to keep matter settled. This secret, hidden, subtle, or potential force is Kundalini. It is what ties us to the body. Being identified with the body we assume that we are a body. This assuption is false.We can experience the awakening of kundalini and flow with it as it ascends back to the crown chakra. The presence of a qualified spiritual guide (Guru) is almost always essential. To be qualified the teacher must be an expert, one who himself experienced fulfillment. A qualified teacher will not make a religion out of Kundalini and the flow of Kundalini in the student will be clear with out any of the socalled physical symptons. The flow of Kundalini gives you the realization that you are not the body or the contents of the mind! and notice that when people go on and on about the symptons of Kundalini awakening that they mention the physical and mental troubles. This is nothing but emotional imagination and nonsense, this would never happen under the supervision of Sat-Guru.

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this would "never" happen ?

yogivah you wrote in very strong and self convicted language that ~ within a kundlaini context physical and mental troubles are nothing but inagination and nonsense ~ and that such would "never" happen to a person under the supervision of a Sat guru ?? ~ yikes ~ these are very absolutist statement to make!

perhaps we first need to define what physcial ande mental troubles are but lets assume we are all on the same page regarding those ~

I understand fully about NOT being the body ~ saying that "being in the body we assume that we are the body " is like so outdated yogivah ~ in 2012 people KNOW this for the most part, or at least the folk reading this site know they are NOT the body ~

the "we are not the body" is like an over preached religon at this stage ~ actully full of dogmas and tunnel vision ~

we may not BE the body but what we ARE at this moment in time is IN a body ~ and while we are in a body we have 5 bodys of expression while in this physical realm ~

this is a fact this is part of our being in this realm ~
we have a mental body and we have an emotional body of expression and as the kundlaini agenda / process/ awakening / unfolds it is NORMAl for the mental and emotional bodies to express as they too become TRANSFORMED

Transformation is rarely an instant thing yogivah ~ no student or disciple is instantly without these expressions

~ I think if this expression was not to occur under the supervision of a Sat Guru then it would be very strange indeed if not down right weird!

my thoughts for aht they are worth ~ which just like your thoughts come form the mind ~ love <> ruby

ruby246 | Thu, 08/02/2012 - 22:21
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It looks like after reading what was written, that instead of understanding, a nerve was hit!
If one is under the supervision of a Sat-Guru and follows the instruction the so called Kundalini symptons would be completly transended with in a very short period of time.
Kundalini is purifying and allows the innate purity to fully be realized and expressed thru the bodies.
If the Sat-Gurus instruction is not followed the purifying process will not be completed and the student will not have full understanding and complete realization.
The Truth can never be outdated, Reality always has been the same and always will be the same.There is nothing wrong with making a absolute statment based on conviction (experiance)
It is absolutly true that if one follows the instruction of a Sat-Guru the Kundalini purifying procces can be very rapid, and with out very many so called symptons.
If the symptons last for very long it would be because the student was not following the sat-guru's instructions.
At age sixteen i lived with enlighted yogi's in the Himalayas, and i practiced what they taught me under there supervision for seven years. For the first couple of days i would tell them of the power surges that i felt, and they said "O that is nothing! let go of your false identification (surrender)" and i did.
The Kundalini then quickly ascended to the Crown, and the obstacles where removed (purified).
The Prana (lifeforce) then and now flows freely (circulates)
thru the Chakras on its own.
This is not only my experiance, i have seen this process happen very quickly for many people when they were instructed properly and practiced what was directly taught.
There are certain methods that i was taught by the Perfected yogi's for Kundalini awakening and the fullness of prana thru the sushumana to the crown.
When the Kundalini is fully ascended one has self-realization and then God-realization.
Prana is dynamic and the mind is kinetic, when prana is still the mind is still.
It is the vasanas in the heart that cause thoughts to arise, Kundalini purifies the heart.
When the heart is made pure, there are no more thoughts that arise, one lives directly with Knowledge of the I AM and then expreses through the intelect-mind and bodies with the Realization that it is the pure Prana that expresses.
Dear Ruby, with what you have written, you have shown that your understanding has been very limited and fragmented.(incomplete)only the false ego can be hurt,offended,confronted or made angry by direct absolute statments. What a Sat-guru will say to a diciple often is not pleasant because it confronts the students lack of understanding and false opinions, but it is done for the students wellfare.
Blessings and love for you!

yogivah | Thu, 08/02/2012 - 23:32
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no worries Yogivah no nerve was hit

Dear Yogivah ~

it seems that you are not understanding what I have written and that is okay ~ no worries ~ as I see it we are having a discussion and I do not suggest as you did that "a nerve was hit" for you ~ lol ~ for me a nerve was not hit by your post, neither was any part of me hurt angry or confronted as you project it was ~ far from it ~ I find it interesting to observe the ridigity of your opinion and that for you there is no room for other valid and authentic experiences that differ from yours ~
~ and we actually agree that we are not the body ~ smile!

my difference of opinion with you is about the narrow linear time frame and judgement that you placed on peoples experience based on how you perceive your own as having been ~ I am delighted for you that the methods you were taught worked for you ~ kundalini tailors her agenda and her process uniquely for all of us ~ kundalini is a consciousness a divine presence within that knows us better than we know ourselves ~

~ I will also say my explanations could probably be better written so as to be better understood ~ lol!

Yogivah I am not claiming to be enlightened or claiming that that thoughts no longer arise ~ I am where I am ~ Kundalini HAS arisen in me but as I observe my self(s) I am aware very well aware of when my ego expresses and I self correct ~ it is with ease that that self correction now occurs ~ I am not an egoless being and unlike you my ego does still express and in many ways is used against itself as a teacher for me ~ lol~ so of course my guru confronts me as he observes such exprression ~ that is one of his blessings that I am graced with and filled with gratitude for ~
if as you wrote a Sat guriu has to confront the student then you prove my point that "never" does not occur!

we all travel on our journey in this physical realm to receive the lessons and teachings specifc and unique to each of us ~ Love and blessings to you on yours and to all here ~ love ruby

ruby246 | Fri, 08/03/2012 - 08:20
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The Radiant path is the same for everyone

All Opinions should be disregarded as they are not based on experiance.
Reality is Reality as it is changeless.
As Life forces circulates through subtle channels, these channels are purified, and untill the purification is complete differant experiances may be had, and should be disregarded as only mental phenomena of restless prana.
When the Sushumana,"the path of God" or radiant Path" The left (ida,lunar) and right (pingala,solar) prana currents are harmonized and the surge of ascending life force enlivens the chakras and flows to the higher brain centers the full, transformative power of Kundalini (dormant soul force in the lower chakras) becomes expressive.
There will always be a endless multitude of differances in that expression.
Reality its self is changeless and can be experianced when prana is still, untill prana is still and reality is realized there will be differant opinions by unrealized people as to what that Reality is, and all opinions should be disregarded.
The path in essence (pure) is the same for everyone (the radiant path) there are however a multitude of differant experiances and opionions about reality before the heart is purified.
The radiant path is an inner journey, all the lessons that one may learn in the physical realm are teaching the same to everyone ( Turn within, travel the radiante path back to your source) Reality!
I read your postings often and am happy that we can talk in friendship.

yogivah | Fri, 08/03/2012 - 09:08
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quick PS to the above

~ also it is worth noting yogivah that many people are unable to head into the Himalayas to be in the physical presence of their guru~ for the majority of people with Kundlaini awakening they live in the everyday world and work, hold down jobs, interact with society have families etc ~ it is a lot "easier " for those who can head to the mountains and do as you have done ~ how wonderful it would be to be able to do that you were indeed blessed by that opportunity ~ love ruby

ruby246 | Fri, 08/03/2012 - 09:07
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The Himalayas

The path is within, and can be completed by any one any where at any time, while engaged in any work or living envoroment.
It is not nessasary to go to the Himalayas, the path is within you!
There can be more difficulties living in the Himalayas then living in the city.

yogivah | Fri, 08/03/2012 - 09:16
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dear yogivah ~

I am not quite "LOL" but I must admit to definitly smiling at the thought that living in the himalayas on ones own in the grace of the physical presence of ones guru could have more difficulties for the internal path than living with a husband raising 6 children working in society and not in the physical presence of ones guru.

~ but smiling and self amuzement aside on a serious note for sure each ones personal life style brings challenges and blessings to the internal path which is to be completed in whatever circumstances we decided to live this life through ~

love ruby <>

ruby246 | Sat, 08/04/2012 - 12:03
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The micrcosom and the macrocosom

The habit of looking externaly,

It is not the outer that influences the inner,
rather the inner influences the outer.
The only challenges are the ones that we create for our selves. When we stop creating them, there are none.

Realization is simply the raising of our concousness and has nothing to do with the outer circumstances that we have created for ourselves.

Love and God's blessings for you!

yogivah | Sat, 08/04/2012 - 14:56
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The micrcosom and the macrocosom

~ ♥ I am not really speaking about the habit of looking externally ~ I am speaking about the practical aspects of living the life ~ We did choose our outer circumstances before we birthed into the physical so the "outer" in my opinion does have divine purpose connected to our inner path and to karma ~ we " live" in the microcosom and macrocosm simultaneously ~ the mundane and the divine ~ the two that are one ~
Thank you dear yogivah, it is nice to read you ~ love and God's blessings for you too ~ love ruby <>

ruby246 | Sat, 08/04/2012 - 16:48
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The micrcosom and the macrocosom

~ ♥ I am not really speaking about the habit of looking externally ~ I am speaking about the practical aspects of living the life ~ We did choose our outer circumstances before we birthed into the physical so the "outer" in my opinion does have divine purpose connected to our inner path and to karma ~ we " live" in the microcosom and macrocosm simultaneously ~ the mundane and the divine ~ the two that are one ~
Thank you dear yogivah, it is nice to read you ~ love and God's blessings for you too ~ love ruby <>

ruby246 | Sat, 08/04/2012 - 16:48
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The real is the source the outer is the expression of the source

There is only One Reality,and the outer is simply the expression of the Source, and is the practical (actual fact)
When we give are devotion (attention) only on the One Reality, That Reality will express as it likes.
With Realization comes the understanding that we (ego) are not the doer, and with that understanding we have freedom.

Ruby, i welcome you to be friends with me on facebook
yogi vah or yogivah yoga darsana

yogivah | Sat, 08/04/2012 - 17:20
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Dear Yogivah ~ thank you for

Dear Yogivah ~ thank you for the FB invite

~ with respect one does not have to be "Realized" to understand that we (ego) are not the doer ~ many people find freedom in this, many people follow such a philosophy with a knowing ~ however they are not necessarily kundalini awakened ~

Kundalini awakening has graced me with
~ knowing what was unknown ~
~ experiencing what is not possible ~
~ living in the dual and non dual at the very same time ~
~ understanding time outside of linear restrictions and so much more ~ living in bliss with the joy of the divine presence within and upon the body ~

I now know that Realization is not the end, it is not a destinatiion, it is not even the ultimate goal ~

Realization is but a step in our evolution ~

love ruby

ruby246 | Sun, 08/05/2012 - 01:16
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Kundalini awakening

Kundalini awakening is not always dramatic. just the fact that someone has a sincere interest in God and the deeper meaning of life is a sign that the kundalini is awake and rising. And with proper instruction i have never seen any bad effects in anyone.

yogivah | Sun, 08/05/2012 - 19:17
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Kundalini Awakening

The kundalini awakened for me about a day or so after meeting my Guru 10 years ago. We now work together in Business now. As was stated in the posts here, and in the Bibel (Moses said- take off your shoes for where you stand is Holy Ground)- that core essence beyond mind- a stilled mind reveals that eternal "IS"

I believe if you encounter a genuine enlightened Guru, the effect of mind stilling will take place- and once mind is totally dead, all is revealed fully- one knows 100 percent they are not mind or Body. I am in the path and note a comment from my Guru- it 's either enlightenment or one is still a beginner.

I can attest to the comment about the Guru being rough on the student- that has never died down to this day, not even for a minute- quite intense.

My Guru is Guru Swami G- in case anyone is interested.

sidha7001 | Sun, 09/28/2014 - 19:33