simple teqnique to seprate consciousness from the body

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step 1) sit on a thick cotten sheet on a plane ground without taking any back rest to break ur connection with the earth

step 2) sit by crossing ur legs on each other or by folding legs (use thin cotten clothes while sitting)

step 3) close ur eyes and concentrate on the centre of ur both eyes (do not try to see anything) like:" o^o "

step 4) sit in a relax and still movement ,do not shake ur body.

step 5) sit for atleast two & half hour without moving

result : soon u will find that u are in ur body but there is no connection between u and ur body just like ground nut , like a nut in the shell.

helping features:
1)do not eat anything atlest for 8 hours before doing this process,
2)just have a walk or running for atleast 2-5 kilomeaters before doing this process .
3)sit in a sielent place.
4)sit in light clothes.
5)sit in a happy mood.
6)the people who use to talk very much cannot do this.
7)early morning 2am to 6am is the best recommended time.
next step: how to come out

after doing all these steps ,any body can contact me by giving their internal sign,s