silent motion in spirit

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Speaking the language of sages
you are never any less than who you are…
an analysis of the hexagrams through
daily changes is the way of knowing principle…
adventures beneath the thumb of oppression…
you will be tested

“The word 'I' of I Ching means change; that is,
changing in accord with the time so as to follow
the Tao. As a book, the I Ching is vast and
comprehensive: by following the principles of
essence and life, understanding the reasons of the
obscure and the obvious, and comprehending the
conditions of things and beings. It shows the way to
enlighten people and accomplish tasks.”

Ch'eng I

“Sages are sages simply because of the application of the
principles of the I Ching. Application of the I Ching is accom-
plished simply by openness and tranguility. When open, one
takes in all; when tranquil, one perceives all. When open, one
can accept things, when tranquil, one can respond to situa-
tions. If openness and tranquilitty are continued for a long
time, one becomes spiritually illumined.”

Book of Balance and Harmony

“Of the sixty-four hexagrams of the I Ching, the reason
'Heaven' and “earth' are the gate and door is to show
people the path of firmness and flexibility, simplicity
and readiness.”

“Modification to simplicity and readiness means that
knowledge and capacity are in their innate condition
of innocence…”

“The alchemical classics and writings of the adepts,
amounting to thousands of volumes, do not go beyond
the principles of the I Ching, and the principles of the
I Ching, its sixty-four hexagrams and three hundred
eighty-four lines, do not go beyond this path of firm
and flexible simple and ready knowledge and capacity,
which are both innate.”

The Taoist I-Ching

“Whenever you encounter people making a commotion,
whether it concerns you or not, use it to polish and
strengthen yourself, like gold being refined over and over
until it no longer changes color. If you gain power in this,
it is much better than long drawn-out prctice in quietude.”

Huang Yuan-ch'i

“When people are in the midst of the distrubance, this is a
good time to apply effort to keep independent.”

Ancient Saying

The Tao means all things to all people
from christian to Crowley. The question
is whose interpretation would we lean to?
There are two distinct time lines in western
thinking that best illustrate this division
and that would be the rift between Albert
and Leary. If we do not seek to learn
from our own history then we are doomed
to repeat it. Unfortunately we are for the
most part a derivative culture, we tend to
take things at face value according to
our desires based on some personal bias
or preference. Entire virtual realities
are created where like minded souls might
gather and yet we seldom question the real
price for admission. We might say that we
identify with this way or that way of thinking
but do we ever really stop to question our

“However, the seventy-two abrerrant schools, with their
three thousand six hundred deviant practices, all cling to
voidness or stick to forms; these are not studies that can
fulfill our nature and lead to the meaning of life.”


“Practioners of the Tao search out the reconidte and find out
the hidden, fish out the profound and reach the remote, so as to
throughly investigate the abstuse and subtle truth; this requires
genuine knowledge and clear vision, without the slightest trace
of confusion in the heart or mind.”

The Taoist I Ching

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mystery and manifestation

Striving for the Gold elixir
Heaven and Humanity
work together
Shut the gates
on the winter soltice
Awaiting the return
inward thoughts do not arise
externals do not enter
nurishing correctness
Is the secret
of temporal achievement
Opening to Love
Fullness must seek emptiness
Emptiness must seek fulfillment
strong firm and irrepressible
the will is correct
fostering growth
from vageness to clarity
Stillness is ever nurturing
Illumination arises from
inner openness
Close the Door on death
the door to Life will open
The living potential
is essential
within the furnace of evolution

“Returning to pristine purity, steady as a mountain, up standing as a tree, the business of doing is completed and the business of nondoing comes to the fore. From now on one practices in a different mode…”

“The Tao of practice of reality is the science of discovery of truth, consumation of nature, and arrival at the meaning of life. It involves particular processes and course of work; it requires gradual practice in order reach profound attainment of self realization.”

“If you rush, eager for attainment, setting about impetuously, you may proceed quickly but will regress rapidly. How then can you correal the earthly and celestial energies in to the center of your being, unite sense, nature and intent in the original state.”
Taoist I Ching

knowing without knowing
the journey is the destination
recognize your inner changes
within stillness and action
between mystery and manifestation

natural innocent mind
inherent to humanity
the progenitor of life
source of yin and yang
concealed by temperment
the celestial
within the mundane
hard to gain
easy to lose
when heaven and earth
work together awakening
happens suddenly without
requiring years of effort

Restoration of the celestial
within the temporal is the return
of basic nature to natural innocence

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