Silence Knows No Unhappiness

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"What is separating you
from this moment?

When you feel the wind on your face,
what is separating you from that wind?

It is your thinking.

Someone is talking to you
and you can't even listen
because your mind is already
interpreting, judging and replying to
what they are saying.

There is so much clutter
that it is in the way of this moment.

Thinking separates you from this moment.

Not thinking itself
but your involvement with thinking,
your taking on the perception of thought.

So one of the main parts to meditation
is to become aware of what is here
beyond thinking
and by focusing on that
you start to clear away the clutter,
you start to empower the silence
that is beyond all of the noise.

And one way to do that in meditation
is just to become aware
of the thoughts.

Not to analyze or define them
in any way.
But just be aware of them,
just to see them instead
of blindly identifying with them.

Because if you are fully aware
of the thought arising,
the importance and meaning
of that thought starts to fade,
the thought gets blurry
and becomes more subtle
until it simply dissolves back
into awareness itself.

It dissolves back into consciousness,
the silence that remains unmoved
beyond the thinking.

And through this practice,
you begin to rest more and more
in your natural state
of pure consciousness.

Then you can really listen
when someone is speaking.

Because they don't want
your interpretation and judgments,
they want you to listen.
That listening is love.

You ever get lost in the wind?
You're not even feeling the wind
as there is no you to feel,
no difference between the wind and feeling,
just energy moving through energy.

There is no
"ooh the wind feels nice"
there's no commentary,
there is just silence,
fathomless silence.

All that clutter,
even spiritual clutter,
spiritual beliefs,
get rid of all of it.
It's just in the way
of your own self realization.

Begin to observe the thoughts arising
and watch them dissolve back into silence.

Just in this practice, within days,
your whole life will come right.
You will no longer understand
what unhappiness is.

Because you are silence itself.
And silence knows no unhappiness.
It knows neither happiness nor unhappiness.
It simply delightfully is.

Much love,


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Silence does know unhappiness

Silence does know unhappiness as it knows happiness
but when in silence this unhappiness does not affect you.
This is the point, this is the magic, this is what the mind has so much difficulty to understand.

solo | Wed, 09/19/2012 - 12:45