Siddha Work of Siddha Swami Hardas

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Research and Development: Swamiji is continuously doing the work of research of all the methods, developing the same and propagating throughout the world for the benefit of mankind. Hence, this method is known as ‘Swami Hardas Life System’ through out the world.

Main Place of Work: Siddha Mandir, ‘Shaktidata’, Wadgaonsheri, Pune – 411 014.

Specialty: 1) The only system in the world of giving ‘health’, ‘peace’ and ‘progress’ to all. It has a capacity of making life glorious of everyone on individual, family, society, national levels in the whole world.

2) Effective remedies on actual life and life related problems e.g. health, peace, progress – agriculture, education, addiction, animals, birds, trees, plants and to certain extent inanimate like water, soil etc and serious problems of global warming etc.

3) It has been proved with many successful experiments and in the laboratories. Chemistry of body or any thing in the world gets changed, which results in healthy, positive and natural state.

4) It is easiest system in the world; a common person becomes capable by learning within a couple of hours and can solve the problems of own and others within few minutes.

5) There are many more astonishing truths beyond belief.


To make everyone’s life glorious in the world is a basic need of the day, hence the following actions are paramount:-

1. Solving bigger problems of the world, which consists of:-

(a) Problems of atmosphere e.g. global temperature, ozone layer, air pollution, water pollution, cyclone and earthquake etc.

(b) Diseases, viruses because of which many new diseases are emerging day by day and most dreaded diseases for which there are no medicines etc.

(c) Poverty, hunger and malnutrition etc.

(d) Terrorism, Corruption and bad conduct etc.

(e) Many other such problems.

2. Development of capacity and increase of productivity.

3. Achievement of Peace, Progress, Co-ordination, Combination, Balance and Glory.

Swami Hardas Life System is quick respondent, result oriented and unbelievable system for solving above mentioned problems. This great pious work can be easily done based on the experience of last 20 years. The systematic work has begun from 27 Oct 2010 and the best unbelievable experiences and results are being achieved, which can be successfully completed with the help of you all.

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