Siddha Swami Hardas - Unique Life (Part-IV)

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This way, Swamiji told me that how he became ‘Swami’. Further, I asked few more questions with curiosity, which Swamiji replied to my satisfaction.

As a matter of fact, it is impossible for a common person to come out of family life. Birth and family life is one kind of binding and to come out of the same successfully, every person needs to do good ‘Karma’. One needs to posses the quality of faith like a small child. We must be able to render selfless love and service. The restrictions like monthly cycle, occasions of death have no importance in Siddha tradition. Siddha in short means ‘favor’, which makes everything clean and pure. Siddha energy is Almighty’s energy. Swamiji revealed one more important thing i.e. Siddha means not ‘Siddhi’. Everyone becomes capable of favoring self and others through this pious Siddha Energy. The ‘Mahayagya’ performed by Lord Siddheshwar and the Gods and Goddesses came out of the Yagya are the Siddha Gods and Siddha Goddesses, which have been founded in ‘Celestial Siddha Mandir’, Pune.

Swamiji was telling me these things and I was carefully listening. We had a dinner together. After a while, everybody arranged their bed and once again we all surrounded Swamiji, who was telling us many things but I could not listen for a longer time as I did not know when I slept. During the sleep, I felt that I was suddenly going away from the place; I listened to the pleasant noise of the water flowing in the river, which was flowing from the little distance; I saw Swamiji and Nath were standing near the bank of river who were calling me by showing the fingers. I reached to them immediately, folded my both hands and took their Darshana. The hand of Nath was over my head, I was overwhelmed to listen to His pleasant and sweet voice. I woke up the next day early in the morning. I finished my morning activities and stood in front of Swamiji, on whose face I saw the same smile, which I saw in my dream. I kept my head over his feet and promised to be in his service from today onwards. I asked him, “Will you accept me?” He said, “There was no girl child in my Ashram, my children got a sister like you, bring your parents to me”.

I came out from that place with the thoughts that... I was happiest person on the earth to get an opportunity to walk on the path of Swamiji, which will be a new and prestigious beginning of my life.

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