Siddha Swami Hardas - Unique Life (Part-III)

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After retirement, I witnessed the Himalaya, visited many ‘Akhada’ (Spiritual Yoga Centre) of people from ‘Nath Panth’, seen different ‘Hath Yogi’, seen many Ashram (hermitage) of different Guru-Sishya’ traditions. I observed that the men can keep their Sadhana continuous, whereas there are breaks in the Sadhana of women, which is probably due to traditional restriction imposed on women e.g. monthly cycles, the occasions of death etc. I still remember the words of my mother, never ever leave “Mantra Jap’, ‘Nam Jap’ and ‘Manaspooja’, which is still continuing.

I got married; the better half is quite cooperative. Gave birth to children, who got married but still I was expecting that my God will give Darshana even though the ‘Gurucharitra’ (holy book of Lord Dattatray) was read number of times by observing all the rules and regulations.

I had a very good experience from my ‘Mantra Jap’, which changed the taste of my mouth – it was sweet. Nothing unusual happened to me beyond this experience. I studied ‘Yoga Shastra’ but I was unable to get the answers to my most ambitious question that how the problems of common persons affected by Rahu, Ketu and Shani etc would finish. Many people used to visit me and show their ‘Janmakundali’ and I used to reveal everything based on my study of astrology. However, I used to specially advise them to do regular ‘Mantra Jap’. I was quite fortunate to attend the ‘World Congress of Astrology’ at Rutaki, Haridwar. I stayed in one of the temples there, where Ganga River was quite near to it. I murmured in my mind seeing plenty of lamps flowing in the water of Ganga on that silent and pleasant night that the lamp of my life also may flow in the river along with those lamps. I returned that night to my room. I had some refreshment and slept. I woke up early morning at 3 ‘O’ clock. Hurriedly went to the bank of river with my clothes. I jumped into the water, which was quite cold but later I felt it was warm. I felt as if my mother has taken me on her lap after many years and questioned me, ‘how I was?’ At that time, there was no one on the banks of Ganga, I came out of water and listened the sound of ‘Khadau’ (unique footwear made of wood) on the step, I gave a jerk to my head for removing water from my hair and eyes and raised my head to see who it was? I was astonished to see such a tall person wearing clothes of orange color, who he could be? The person came little forward towards me and before I think or say anything else, he ordered me, “You are Swami from today”. I was astonished and folded my both hands and within a moment he disappeared. I searched him all over without wasting time but I could not find him. I came to the room with many questions in my mind. I took out the papers, which were to be read out in the World Congress of Astrology in Rutaki, I gone through them and to my surprise; I found many mistakes in them. I still took my luggage and marched towards the Rutaki. There were many genius people came for attending the World Congress. My turn was almost at last. At the moment I thought I should not go through my papers. The next moment my name was called. I went to the dais; the hall was full of people. I looked towards the gate and to my surprise I saw the same tall person near to it. He smiled, came to me, stood nearby and within a moment entered in my body. I did not remember how long I was speaking. When I regained the sense, I found myself over the shoulders of the people. I was bestowed with the most prestigious award called ‘Jyotish Bruhaspati’, undoubtedly with the grace of that tall person.

Later, when I reached my home and told the things happened with me to my children and wife, they were laughing at me. My children and wife told that how is that possible in this modern era?

Nearly after 3 – 4 days, the same person came back once again and said, “You have to do Siddha Work, serve the people and do favor.” I asked him immediately, “Who are you?” He replied from the outside window, “I am a Siddha form of your Chaitanya Gorakshanath.”

I remembered the banks of the Ganga River and recollected the appearance of that tall person, which was the same and there itself some unique light had entered in my body. I regained the senses and asked him, “I have to serve and favor people, but what exactly I will have to do?” He replied, “You have to cure the diseases of the people with the help of energy, which you have.” The person again disappeared. I started thinking about the commandments of my Siddha Gorakshanath. How many people will I be able to cure? If I could transfer this energy to other people, everyone would be able to make use of it and solve the problem. Hence, I did not start the work and instead kept waiting for Siddha Gorakshanath. Once again, after 3–4 days, the same person means Siddha Gorakshanath came back and asked me, “Haven’t you started the work?” I replied, “Nath, I shall be alone using this energy and how many and how long I alone will be curing the people, instead if this energy is with everyone, they can effectively use it.” Nath said, “This is difficult because the Siddha Marg was closed before 700 to 800 years ago and to re-establish it Lord Siddheshwar himself selected you through me.” I kept on repeatedly requesting Nath for the same. He insisted to undergo long penance, which was got completed under His supervision and through which, I could get the Darshana of many Gods and Goddesses. This way, I succeeded in transferring this unique energy to everyone. Have you understood Vaishali?

---To be continued as Part-IV