Siddha Swami Hardas - Unique Life (Part-II)

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There is always curiosity in the childhood, which was always with me. I used to ask many questions to all the elders associate with me e.g. ‘Who are the Rahu, Ketu, Shani (Saturn), Mangal etc? Why do they trouble human beings?’ But I never got satisfactory answers from anybody. These questions took shape in mind at the age of eight, which became my ultimate aim. However, my mother knew my struggle and she advised me to do ‘Mantra Jap’. She said, “Child, continue chanting this Mantra continuously, God will meet you one day and answer to all your questions. Hence, continue this ‘Mantra Jap’ and do ‘Manaspooja’ as well”.

There was a temple of ‘Dharmaji Baba’ near our house, where I used to go daily. Many programs used to be conducted in that temple, many saints used to guide people through their Satsang, Bhajana - Kirtana (spiritual speech) about the importance of ‘Nam Jap’ in this ‘Kali Yuga’. They used to say that everyone should remember God. Rest of the stories was of interest to all. Sometimes, I used to sleep over the cool muddy ground while listening to the stories and suddenly wake up on the sound of ‘Arati’, which used to be a last part of the Bhajana - Kirtana.

The ‘Nam Jap’ and ‘Manaspooja’ left such an impression on my small mind that these two things got special consideration in my rest of the life. There was no continuity in my ‘Mantra Jap’; my interest was always in the games. After playing games with the friends, sometimes I used to remember that the ‘Mantra Jap’ is left to be completed as part of the activity. Then, I used to complete the same in a hurry. As long as my mother was alive, she used to get the ‘Manaspooja’ done by me. I used to meet many sages and saints along with my mother. On asking them the questions, they used to say that you are too small to understand. They used to ask, “How can you do ‘Mantra Jap’ without the Deeksha from the Guru?” Some used to say that for doing ‘Mantra Jap’ one has to know ‘Aasan Sadhana’. Can you tell whether the ‘Mantra Jap’ is done in ‘Sukhasan’ or ‘Padmasan’?” I never went so deep. It is known that one should sit in a Aasan, bit of ‘Jap Mala’ should be rolled with thumb keeping it on the middle part of middle finger and before the last bit, which is not supposed to be crossed, should be turned back. While doing this, I used to forget doing ‘Mantra Jap’. Finally, the Sadhana of ‘Mantra Jap’ started while walking, talking and working. I was very much eager and curious that the God should meet me. My primary education was over and it was necessary to go to Amrawati from my village for further studies, which I completed staying in a hostel.

While I was in my hometown, one of the saints advised people that whichever God we like, we should perform Manaspooja of the same God. I was earlier performing Manaspooja of Lord Shiva but father was reading holy book of ‘Navnath’. I was also attracted towards the same holy book, which I read 2 – 3 times. I could understand from it that this God still physically exists in the world and if I perform His Manaspooja and recite His ‘Mantra Jap’, I can surely meet this God. Hence, I started reciting the Mantra ‘II Om Chaitanya Gorakshanathay Namaha II’. This Sadhana was being performed regularly but I did not experience anything unusual.

After few days, my mind slowly started getting stable and cool. During those days the various activities done by me were regular e.g. ‘waking up early in the morning, finishing morning activities, taking bath, completing Manaspooja with the ‘Mantra Jap’, going to temple and taking Darshana of the God in a hurry, studying, going to school after taking meals, completing homework after returning from the school and thereafter going for playing games, attending ‘Arati’ (spiritual poem in praise of God/Goddess) after coming to home in the evening’ etc. However, my mother used to get the Sadhana performed by me under her able supervision.

One day, I heard from a noble person that if we have a photograph of the God who’s ‘Mantra Sadhana’ is being performed, the Sadhana is performed well, which really benefited me a lot.

My mother used to get my studies and Sadhana done under her able supervision. When I completed my matriculation, my mother left for a long journey. I got recruited in Indian Air Force as our financial condition was not so sound. The benefit of this service was that I could travel throughout India, came across with different cultures, many kinds of religious books could be seen and studied. I was also quite keen in astrology like my father. I learned all types of astrology e.g. ‘Sayan’, ‘Nirayan’, ‘Anglakshan Hora Shastra’ – to tell the future by seeing ears, in addition to this I was graduated in eight other methods also.

---To be continued as Part-III