Siddha Shaktidata Sadhana (New) - 2

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(2) The method for practicing ‘Siddha Shaktidata Sadhana (New)’ for others for giving health is explained as follows: -

Material Required: ‘Shaktidata Photo’ of Dr Swami Hardas and ‘Asana’. One needs to have a ‘Shaktidata Photo’ of Dr Swami Hardas for practicing this Sadhana, which may be of calendar size or passport size. The ‘Shaktidata Photo’ can be acquired from any of the nearest Training Centers of ‘Swami Hardas Charitable Trust’ established all over India or directly from ‘Swami Hardas Charitable Trust’, Pune.

Method: Sit comfortably on the ground in such a position over any peace of cloth or Asana that Shaktidata Calendar or Shaktidata Photo of Dr Swami Hardas should be visible clearly.

Step-1: Look into the eyes of Dr Swami Hardas continuously and say following Sankalp 3 times, “Siddha Swami Give Me Siddha Energy So That … (utter name of the patient) Gets Health”. Keep imaginary both the palms apart over the affected part of the body of the patient and move one palm till half circle is completed and simultaneously the other palm also should complete half circle to opposite direction. Pick up the negativity with imagination by all the fingers and place both the palms over the ground imaginary at the end of each action. Repeat this process for two minutes. Remember the process of moving palms, picking and placing palms over the ground must be quick and faster. Note: Practitioner must keep continuously looking into the photo (eyes of Dr Swami Hardas). When Dr Swami Hardas is personally available, practitioner may look towards any part of his body.

Step-2: After the completion of Step-1, repeat the method once again and complete it within two minutes.

Step-3: After the completion of Step-2, repeat the method once again and complete it within 02 minutes. Now, after finishing complete method, practitioner should keep both the palms over the ground for minimum 30 seconds for earthing and if still heaviness is felt it should be prolonged for 5 to 10 minutes.

The method gets completed within six to seven minutes and the practitioner amazingly and immediately feels relief. The timer can be used for knowing the actual time of finishing the steps so that practitioner knows when to stop the process.