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Who are Siddha Masters?

Among the Himalayan sages, quite a few attain the ultimate state of samadhi, which is the same as realizing the brahman-atman identity and unity, a state of Oneness with the Godhead.

Such individuals are called Siddha Masters, and they serve as a bridge linking human beings to God. Through the special grace that their pure and powerful energy (anugraha) bestows, they can purify and transform human beings at the atomic light level.

Siddha Masters tend to live in seclusion, deep in the Himalayas, their whereabouts often not known. Many never leave these places or mix with people and, often, even when people are nearby, there is no contact unless the masters will it.

Powers of siddhars[edit source]

The siddhars are believed to have had powers both major and other ‘minor’ powers. They are explained in detail in various yogic as well as religious texts.[6] They also have the power converting their mass to energy and thereby travel in space in light speed to different universes.
1.Anima (shrinking) -- Power of becoming the size of an atom and entering the smallest beings
2.Mahima (illimitability) -- Power of becoming mighty and co-extensive with the universe. The power of increasing one's size without limit
3.Lagima (lightness) -- Capacity to be quite light though big in size
4.Garima (weight) -- Capacity to weigh heavy, though seemingly small size
5.Prapthi (fulfillment of desires) -- Capacity to enter all the worlds from Brahma Loga to the nether world. It is the power of attaining everything desired
6.Prakasysm (irresistible will) -- Power of disembodying and entering into other bodies (metempsychosis) and going to heaven and enjoying what everyone aspires for, simply from where he stays
7.Isithavam (supremacy) -- Have the creative power of god and control over the sun, the moon and the elements
8.Vasithavam (dominion over the elements) -- Power of control over kings and gods. The power of changing the course of nature and assuming any form

These eight are the Great Siddhis