Shuddha Sattva or Pure Luminosity

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I think capacity to grasp truth without putting it in words has decreased with this age of scientific advancement where thought revels in dividing and subdividing each thing into neat classifications and definitions. Tradition says that all is made up of three gunas or forces. These three are the force of inertia (Tamas), force of activity (Rajas) and force of illumination or knowledge (Sattva). There types and effects are described in Gita Chapter 14.

Now, though not often described as such the state of illumination is nothing but a state of Sudda Sattva or Pure Sattva. As the name would suggest it is a state of luminosity not affected by the three gunas (Tamas, Rajas & Sattva). The difference between sattva and Suddha Sattva is that while sattva does not act alone but is mixed with rajas and tamas, Suddha Sattva stands for Pure Lumonisity. In fact the three gunas always act together. However, in a state of Suddha Sattva there is no admixture.

This could also be called a state of Awareness or Serenity unaffected by any outward events or circumstances. In Gita there is a mention of Equanimity time and again and IMO this state of Equanimity is the State of Suddha Sattva.

"Here, indeed, the creation is conquered by them, whose heart is established in equanimity; because the Supreme is faultless and equal, hence they abide in the Supreme." Gita Chapter 5 verse 19